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13 September 2017
Modeling Impact of Green Eggs, Hens
CANADA - The whole food movement may be right; consumption of vegan and organic food can be the best choice for reducing environmental impacts, at least if you're a chicken....
Hunan Pursues Greener Agriculture
CHINA - Central China's Hunan province is pursuing a greener agriculture through transformation and upgrading of its livestock and poultry industry, according to a waste to resource meeting held in Changsha county on 5 September....
01 September 2017
China Targets Farm Waste as 'Clean' Power Source
CHINA - China will pay farmers to turn animal waste into fertiliser and power, the Ministry of Agriculture said on Wednesday, as Beijing cracks down on agricultural pollution that has for years leaked into rivers and lakes, angering Chinese residents....
31 August 2017
Product to Keep Pig, Poultry Farms Fly-free Developed
PHILIPPINES - With the mounting complaints of flies and bad odour from poultry farms, a Davao-basaed inventor came up with a product that neutralises odour and drives away house flies and crawling insects from poultry, piggery farms, markets, pet and...
23 August 2017
CB Group to Export Chicken Waste to Pet Food Makers
JAMAICA - Dr Keith Amiel, head of corporate affairs at CB Group, says a rendering facility to be constructed at the company's new home base at Hill Run will produce chicken meal a product of chicken waste for export only....
18 August 2017
2018 IPPE Registration and Housing Now Open
US - Attendee and exhibitor registration and housing for the 2018 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) are now open....
11 August 2017
Efforts on Reduction of Agricultural Pollution Paying Off Slowly
CANADA - Efforts by farmers to reduce the amount of fertilizer that reaches drinking water sources can take years to have a positive impact, according to a new study from the University of Waterloo....
09 August 2017
Hygiene Check at Poultry Farms, Chicken Shops, Piggeries in Karnataka District
INDIA - A committee led by district surveillance officer will survey poultry farms, chicken shops and piggeries in Dakshina Kannada, a coastal district in the state of Karnataka....
24 July 2017
Oyo Govt Shuts Down Poultry Farm Due to Environmental Hazards
NIGERIA - Oyo State government has sealed a poultry farm located at 15, Aroromakinde, Zone A, Arulogun Ojoo area, Ibadan, for causing what it called "obnoxious odour" within the community....
13 July 2017
Energy Technology Company to Significantly Impact Poultry Industry
US - Global Re-Fuel is an energy technology company that is poised to make a significant impact on poultry farming. Its PLF-500 biomass furnace offers a pioneering farm technology that addresses financial, health and environmental issues facing the agriculture...
07 July 2017
Cargill Expands Partnership with FareShare
UK - Global agriculture, food and nutrition company Cargill launched a new agreement to supply FareShare, a UK-based organisation fighting hunger by tackling food waste, with fresh chicken every week free of charge. ...
30 June 2017
Joint Project Explores Sustainability of China's Poultry Industry
CHINA - Milestone results of a three-year joint project looking into the sustainability of China’s fast-growing poultry industry were recently announced in Beijing....
14 June 2017
Livestock Producers Support Nomination of Bodine to Key EPA Enforcement Post
US - On Monday (12 June), the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and the Public Lands Council sent a letter to US Senators John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) and Thomas Carper (D-Del.) urging them to support the nomination of Susan Bodine to be the Environmental...
12 June 2017
Ag Groups Seek Common Sense Application of Emissions Reporting Requirements
US - The National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) and the US Poultry & Egg Association (USPOULTRY) are seeking a rehearing following a recent ruling issued by the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit....
07 June 2017
Maple Leaf Determined to Become Most Sustainable Protein Company on Earth
CANADA - Maple Leaf Foods has announced its ambition to be the most sustainable protein company on earth, based on a sweeping set of principles and an expansive sustainability agenda that has yielded substantial advancements in nutrition and environmental...
24 May 2017
Download the New RB209 Today, AHDB Recommends
UK - The new AHDB Nutrient Management Guide (RB209) is now available to download as app and interactive digital versions....
16 May 2017
Diverse Rotations, Poultry Litter Improve Soybean Yield
US - Continuous cropping systems without rotations or cover crops are perceived as unsustainable for long-term yield and soil health....
05 May 2017
Edible Insects Could Play Key Role in Cutting Harmful Emissions
UK - Eating insects instead of beef could help tackle climate change by reducing harmful emissions linked to livestock production, research suggests....
04 May 2017
Turning Chicken Waste, Weeds into Biofuel
US - Chicken is a favorite, inexpensive meat across the globe. But the bird's popularity results in a lot of waste that can pollute soil and water....
12 April 2017
Court Upholds Ban on Tannery Waste to Manufacture Poultry Feed
BANGLADESH - In 2011, the High Court ordered shutting down all feed factories using wastes of tanneries at Dhaka's Hazaribagh within a month....
15 March 2017
Poultry Climate Control: New Sensor a Milestone for Poultry Production
NETHERLANDS - Big Dutchman will start marketing an award-winning new sensor developed by Dräger with immediate effect: the DOL 53 sensor. Farmers can use this sensor to measure and monitor the ammonia concentration in their poultry houses permanently...
09 March 2017
Ministry Launches Campaigns to Target Farm Pollution, Waste
CHINA - Targeted campaigns will be launched to curb pollution and animal waste on livestock and poultry farms as well as the excessive use of fertilizers in the horticultural sector in an attempt to bolster the environment in rural areas, the minister...
07 February 2017
Pen Vise Is Perfect Tool for Cleaning Brooder Orifices
Having the right tool makes any maintenance chore easier, and Hog Slat’s Pen Vise is the perfect tool for cleaning clogged brooder and heater orifices....
17 January 2017
EU 'Could Do Better' at Tackling Food Waste
EU - Although a number of EU policies have the potential to combat food waste, their potential is not being exploited, according to a new report from the European Court of Auditors....
16 January 2017
French Government to Roll Out CCTV in All Slaughterhouses
FRANCE - Following issues with animal welfare in French slaughterhouses, the French government has passed a bill ordering for CCTV cameras to be installed in all slaughterhouses in the country from 2018....
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