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03 April 2013
Renewables in Spotlight for Poultry Farmers
UK - Young poultry producers from across the UK have been out-and-about learning about how renewable energy can make a positive difference to their businesses....
29 March 2013
VDL Introduces New Poultry Manure Drying Tunnel
THAILAND - VDL Agrotech made the Asian launch of its new poultry manure drying tunnel at the VIV Asia trade show in March 2013. ...
27 March 2013
Kentucky Researchers Conduct Major Poultry Litter Study
US - Previous research studies have shown poultry litter applications have many benefits for corn and soybean producers, but these benefits have not been quantified or integrated into one comprehensive research study. University of Kentucky (UK) College...
07 March 2013
Campylobacter Risk Associated with Poultry Manure Assessed
GERMANY - A laboratory study has revealed that Campylobacter may survive as long as six days in fresh hen manure, presenting a risk factor in the spread of this bacterium, which is associated with food-borne disease. ...
01 March 2013
Plant By-products Transformed Into Animal Feed
SPAIN - Basque Country's AZTI-Tecnalia has proven the viability and nutritional value of feed from plant products that are currently managed as waste. These residual products (fruit, vegetables, potatoes, coffee and bread etc.), when no longer used on...
30 January 2013
DARD Minister Has Let Down Poultry Industry, Says Ag Spokesman
UK - Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) Agriculture Spokesman Paul Frew has accused the Agriculture Minister Michelle O'Neill of letting Northern Ireland’s poultry industry down by not supporting the Rose Energy proposals to deal with poultry waste....
10 January 2013
World Wastes Two Billion Tonnes of All Food
GLOBAL - A call has gone out for urgent action to prevent 50 per cent of all food produced in the world ending up as waste. ...
09 January 2013
IPPE Symposium Focuses on Rendered Product to Combat High Feed Costs
US - The International Rendering Symposium is returning to the 2013 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE). ...
Poultry Breeding Pollution Underestimated
CHINA - Latest figures reveal that the chemical oxygen demand (COD) and ammonia emissions of China's livestock and poultry breeding in 2010 accounts for 45 per cent and 25 per cent of national total emissions respectively. ...
02 January 2013
Environmental Management Key to Industry Sustainability
AUSTRALIA - According to Poultry CRC CEO, Professor Mingan Choct, Poultry CRC is currently leading two projects related to environmental management. The first project is led by Dr Angus Crossan from AECL, who is developing a best practice manual for on-farm...
14 December 2012
Adding Value to Poultry Litter
AUSTRALIA - Poultry farmers are consistently looking at ways to reduce costs, increase farm efficiencies and maximise their return on investment. For many, the management of poultry litter is one aspect of their operations that presents its own challenges....
27 November 2012
Wastewater Treatment System Saves Turkey Processor Millions
US - A southwestern Ohio turkey processing plant has found a way to utilise the 145,000 gallons of wastewater it produces each day, with a first-of-its-kind treatment system designed by an Ohio State University researcher....
14 November 2012
Farmers Tackle the Phosphate Challenge
UK - A partnership between the National Farmers Union, Environment Agency and farmers is looking to tackle the problems of excessive phosphate, a damaging water pollutant....
02 November 2012
Capturing, Recycling Ammonia Emissions from Livestock
US - Capturing and recycling ammonia from livestock waste is possible using a process developed by US Department of Agriculture (USDA) researchers. ...
29 October 2012
BD Agro Constructs Russia's Largest Biogas Plant
RUSSIA - For Russia, the biogas technology can be a means to become more independent from the fossil fuels gas and oil. The agricultural region Belgorod, 700 kilometres south of Moscow, is aiming for this independence. ...
10 October 2012
Life Cycle Assessments for the Australian Poultry Industry
AUSTRALIA - With an increasingly discerning public and a demanding regulatory requirement, it is important that the poultry industry clearly understand its environmental footprint. Life cycle assessment shows the environmental impacts and resource usage...
09 October 2012
AHVLA: Wet Litter in One of Six Broiler Houses
UK - Wet litter was reported in one of six houses of 42,000 broilers aged 25-days. Deterioration in litter quality was first noticed around 23 days of age, when there had been a slight drop in feed and water consumption which had then returned to normal,...
14 September 2012
Livestock Species, Diet Influence Manure Composting Recipes
CANADA - A soil scientist with the University of Manitoba says diet is one of the factors that will influence nutrient levels contained in composted livestock manure, writes Bruce Cochrane....
11 September 2012
Reducing Water Usage and Environmental Impact
US - As part of an effort to sustain innovation in poultry production and processing, six continuation projects are focused on novel types of engineering and technology research activities that address critical issues facing poultry production from the...
06 September 2012
Processing Poultry Waste Adds Value
AUSTRALIA - Even with the advances in modern poultry production methodology, up to five per cent of all broiler flocks perish prior to reaching processing age. This represents a significant amount of material that must be managed....
30 August 2012
New Biogas Plant for Bernard Matthews
UK - Bernard Matthews, the UK's largest turkey farmer and supplier, is installing a biogas plant to improve the company's waste handling and energy costs. ...
23 August 2012
Morrisons Helps Poultry Industry Tackle Wet Litter
UK - UK supermarket Morrisons has worked with its British poultry suppliers to develop an information pack aimed at helping them tackle the impact of wet litter on bird health and performance....
17 August 2012
Alternative Use for Poultry Litter Discussed in Ireland
IRELAND - Agriculture Minister Michelle O’Neill recently met with representatives of companies which are currently developing proposals for utilising poultry litter by Anaerobic Digestion (AD) technology in combination with other processes....
16 August 2012
Morrisons Help Farmers Choose Right Renewables
UK - Morrisons has published the second in a series of independent guidebooks aimed at helping farmers looking to develop renewable energy projects make the right investment....
02 August 2012
Poultry Manure to Produce Electricity
TURKEY - A 20 million Turkish Liras biogas facility to be established in Band?rma, one of the leading poultry centers in the northwestern province of Bal?kesir, will produce energy out of the manure of around 2.5 million chickens. ...
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