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08 September 2017
Poultry Industry News from European Union Big Dutchman innovations on display at SPACE 2017
Big Dutchman looks forward to introducing several innovations at this year's SPACE. ...
03 August 2017
18 July 2017
05 April 2017
Poultry Industry News from Malaysia Big Dutchman Opens Brand-New Location in Malaysia
MALAYSIA - 25 years after Big Dutchman (BD), the world market leader for modern pig and poultry production, dared to make the move to the emerging markets in Asia, the company marks another milestone in its fast-paced development on the most populous...
15 March 2017
Poultry Industry News from Netherlands Poultry Climate Control: New Sensor a Milestone for Poultry Production
NETHERLANDS - Big Dutchman will start marketing an award-winning new sensor developed by Dräger with immediate effect: the DOL 53 sensor. Farmers can use this sensor to measure and monitor the ammonia concentration in their poultry houses permanently...
23 February 2017
Poultry Industry News from China Big Dutchman Acquires Agricultural Building Business from Betco
CHINA - The Big Dutchman group based in Vechta, Germany, announced today that it has acquired Qingdao Betco Asia Co., Ltd. (Betco Qingdao), which is the livestock building business of the North Carolina-based steel structure specialist Betco, Inc. with...
17 February 2017
Poultry Industry News from European Union Public Consultation Regarding the Future of the Common Agricultural Policy
EU - The European Commission has started an online survey and invited all EU citizens to express their opinion on the future of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). ...
20 January 2017
Poultry Industry News from Global Big Dutchman Expands in the Asia-Pacific
GLOBAL - Big Dutchman recently expanded in three countries at the same time in the Asia-Pacific region:...
01 November 2016
Poultry Industry News from Germany PickPuck Promotes Layers’ Natural Pecking and Scratching Behaviour
GERMANY - The poultry industry in Germany will soon phase out debeaking for laying hens. ...
Poultry Industry News from Germany Automatic Manure Belt Scraper Saves Much Work and Improves Hygiene
GERMANY - Egg producers with single-tier or multi-tier Natura aviary egg production systems can look forward to it: On the occasion of EuroTier 2016, Big Dutchman will present the first manure belt scraper world-wide that does not need to be operated...
Poultry Industry News from Germany IMCaM Procedure for Egg Production Guarantees Exact Dry Matter Contents
GERMANY - Pelletising, combustion or other uses of residues produced by laying hens: achieving the correct dry matter content (DM contents) in manure drying pays off. ...
Poultry Industry News from Germany Zeus is the First LED Lamp to Allow Replacement of Individual Parts
GERMANY - When an LED lamp fails, it cannot be repaired and must be replaced. This statement is no longer true now: Big Dutchman presents the world’s first modular and highly robust panel light for animal husbandry that can be repaired at EuroTier 2016....
28 October 2016
Poultry Industry News from Global Alarm Ahead of the Damage
GLOBAL - If the ventilation in a barn fails, alarm systems only issue warnings when the temperature at animal level has already reached a critical level....
26 October 2016
Poultry Industry News from Global FleXLED ECO: New and Small LED Lamp Can be Installed in Just Three Seconds
GLOBAL - For EuroTier 2016, Big Dutchman presents the first LED lamp that is resistant against high-pressure cleaning and can be installed in under three seconds....
25 October 2016
Poultry Industry News from Germany PowerBox: First Off-Grid Power Supply for Livestock Farmers
GERMANY - At this year’s EuroTier in Hanover, Germany, BD PowerSystems will present a trendsetting innovation for the energy supply of livestock buildings: With the PowerBox, farmers gain complete self-sufficiency from public grids. The main energy...
17 May 2016
Poultry Industry News from Netherlands The Netherlands: Barn for Poultry Growing Attracts Many Visitors
NETHERLANDS - Douwe and Hinke Huisman recently presented their modern new poultry house, equipped with a feed pan innovation and a heat exchanger, to the public. ...
12 May 2016
Poultry Industry News from Global Aiming High with Two Remodeled Rearing Houses
GLOBAL - Extending farms is nothing out of the common. In the case of egg production this is usually achieved by adding new houses. Yona Glicksman and his sons Benny and Moshe, however, decided to go a different way. ...
24 February 2016
Poultry Industry News from Global Good Poultry Climate Control Pays Off
GLOBAL - Saving energy is an important topic for livestock farmers today, especially in broiler production. Apart from good insulation, the correct heating system and an individual ventilation concept, recovering heat from the used house air can enormously...
Poultry Industry News from France France: New House for Free Range Egg Production With 20,840 Layers
FRANCE - Most French consumers eat eggs that were produced in enriched colony systems. However, their second favourite egg is the one laid by free-range chickens. Cyril Galles from Lescout in south-western France recently accommodated this fact by building...
27 January 2016
Poultry Industry News from Italy Big Dutchman With Branch Office in Italy
ITALY - Big Dutchman is considered the international market leader for poultry equipment and feeding systems for modern poultry production and has been for many years. Numerous poultry managers in Italy already count on the reliable systems from the equipment...
22 December 2015
Poultry Industry News from China Expert Spotlight on Chinese Layer Industry
CHINA - The 2015 Egg week, conducted by both Big Dutchman and Alltech, was successfully able to bring together layer industry leaders and global professionals from around the world in three designated areas in China....
07 October 2015
Poultry Industry News from Malaysia Groundbreaking Ceremony Held for Big Dutchman’s New Premises in Malaysia
BD Agriculture (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd recently held its ground-breaking ceremony for a new Distribution Centre on a 19-acre piece of land the company acquired....
04 March 2015
Poultry Industry News from Thailand Big Dutchman Has Largest Booth Ever, New Location at VIV Asia
THAILAND - Big Dutchman will be present at this year’s VIV Asia with many new and further developed products as well as a stand of 432 square metres, the largest booth the equipment supplier has ever had in Asia....
19 February 2015
Poultry Industry News from Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Hosts Expert Seminar on Efficient Poultry Production
SRI LANKA - Big Dutchman’s two-day seminar in Colombo recently brought together over 200 farmers and investors from all over the country....
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