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Poultry Industry News: Colombia

06 June 2017
Poultry Industry News from Colombia Cargill Expands Global Protein Business into Colombia; Acquires Pollos El Bucanero
COLOMBIA - Cargill has acquired Colombian-based Pollos El Bucanero S.A. (Bucanero Chicken), one of Colombia’s leading producers of chicken and processed meats products....
29 March 2017
Poultry Industry News from Colombia Turning a Small Hatchery Operation into a Success Story
COLOMBIA - Representatives from PolloCoa and Incubant (Colombia) share their best practices to maximize the return on investment in their hatchery....
21 February 2017
Poultry Industry News from Colombia Pronavicola’s Colombian Hatchery Expansion Continues with SmartPro™
COLOMBIA - Columbian poultry group Pronavicola has completed the second phase of its major hatchery upgrade and expansion programme in Buga, western Colombia, with the installation of new, state-of-the-art SmartPro™ single stage hatchery technologies...
16 August 2016
Poultry Industry News from Colombia Colombia's Largest Egg Producer Builds Manure Biogas Plant
COLOMBIA - Colombia‘s largest egg producer, Incubadora Santander, has announced investment in an 800-kW biogas plant, to start producing green energy in early 2017. ...
03 June 2015
Poultry Industry News from Colombia Hy-Line International Hosts 220 Participants at Colombia Tech School
COLOMBIA - Hy-Line International, the world leader in layer poultry genetics, together with Avicol SA, the Hy-Line distributor to Colombia and Ecuador, recently hosted 250 participants representing 11 countries at the II Colombia Technical School in Bogota,...
24 October 2014
Poultry Industry News from Colombia Colombia Destroys Chickens Brought Illegally from Venezuela
COLOMBIA - The authorities ordered the slaughter of 150 chickens from a market in Arauquita as they clamp down on animals brought illegally from Venezuela....
08 October 2014
Poultry Industry News from Colombia Colombian Poultry Sector Gains Support to Stay Competitive
COLOMBIA - At a poultry event in Cartagena last week, the minister of agriculture and head of the Colombian agriculture institute (ICA) confirmed their commitment maintaining the competitiveness of the national poultry sector....
07 October 2014
Poultry Industry News from Colombia Pronavicola Signs for SmartPro Incubation Technology
COLOMBIA - Pronavicola is embarking on a hatchery expansion project with a complete SmartPro™ single-stage incubation system from Pas Reform....
03 June 2014
Poultry Industry News from Colombia Steps to Tackle Newcastle Disease in Santander
COLOMBIA – Steps are being taken to control and monitor a highly virulent Newcastle disease outbreak in Colombia’s Santander region....
26 November 2013
Poultry Industry News from Colombia Japan Market Opens Doors to Colombian Chicken
COLOMBIA - Colombia has received approval to export chicken to Japan, one of the world's most demanding markets....
11 September 2013
Poultry Industry News from Colombia Trade Agreements Cause Unrest in Colombia
COLOMBIA - Workers and trade unions are supporting the strike by small farmers whose businesses have been hit by recent trade agreements between the US and other countries....
05 August 2013
Poultry Industry News from Colombia Avicol S.A. Achieves Compartmentalisation Certification
COLOMBIA - The leading supplier of layer and broiler genetics in Colombia and Ecuador, Avicol S.A., has been honored as only the second company in the world to meet the strict sanitary requirements of the World Animal Health Organization (OIE) of compartmentalization...
15 July 2013
Poultry Industry News from Colombia Egg Shells Used to Detect Metals Acting as River Pollutants
COLOMBIA - Egg shells - available in large quantities in Columbia - are being used by scientists in Antioquia for the absorption of heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, zinc, lead etc. that contaminate rivers....
07 May 2013
Poultry Industry News from Colombia Chinese Officials to Assess Columbian Meat Hygeine
COLOMBIA – Meat health protocols are to be discussed when a Chinese delegation meets with officials from the Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA) and the National Institute of Food and Drug Monitoring (INVIMA)....
28 November 2012
Poultry Industry News from Colombia US-Colombia FTA Approval Leads to Increased Exports
COLOMBIA - On 22 November 2006, the US and Colombia signed a free trade agreement (FTA), which was approved by the Colombian Congress on 14 June 2007. After all necessary steps were taken for ratification, the US has had increased access to the Colombian...
23 November 2012
Poultry Industry News from Colombia Colombia to Resume Egg Exports to Mexico
COLOMBIA - Colombia will start exporting eggs to Mexico from Sunday (25 November) to meet the demand resulting from the bird flu outbreaks in Mexico earlier this year. ...
08 November 2012
Poultry Industry News from Colombia Colombian Producers Share Ideas During Export Exchange
COLOMBIA - Colombia has a strong economy that has been growing over the last decade, and even though global commodity prices are higher, Colombia is still a major grain importer because its economy is growing and its currency is strong, said Jaime Rueda,...
14 August 2012
Poultry Industry News from Colombia Avidesa Mac Pollo Wins IPC Marketing Award
COLOMBIA - Avidesa Mac Pollo SA, the top branded chicken company in Colombia, won the International Poultry Council’s Branded Marketing Award for 2012 for its ongoing advertising and promotional campaign that has kept the brand top-of-mind among Colombian...
11 May 2012
Poultry Industry News from Colombia Colombia to Start Exporting Meat to China
COLOMBIA - Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Colombia, Juan Camilo Restrepo Salazar, said the sanitary and phytosanitary agreement signed with the Government of China has opened possibilities for exports of agricultural products and livestock,...
18 April 2012
Poultry Industry News from Colombia Colombian Poultry Industry Concerned about FTA
ANALYSIS – May 15, 2012 has been the date set for the start of the Colombia–US Free Trade Agreement (CFTA). While the US agribusiness sector is very pleased, the Colombian sector is less so, writes Chris Wright, Senior Editor of ThePoultrySite....
02 March 2012
Poultry Industry News from Colombia ICA Penalises Farms for Non-Compliance of Biosecurity
COLOMBIA - The Colombian Agricultural Institute will initiate a process of execution against 50 poultry farms in Huila that are not compliant with biosecurity standards....
25 October 2011
Poultry Industry News from Colombia R&M Corporation Takes Care of Colombia
COLOMBIA - Pas Reform has further expanded its Latin American network, with the appointment of Rodrigo Pardo of R&M Corporation to deliver sales and technical support services in Colombia....
02 September 2011
Poultry Industry News from Colombia USGC Promotes DDGS Use to Colombia
COLOMBIA - Earlier last month, the US Grains Council conducted a series of workshops in Colombia to promote US distiller’s dried grains with solubles (DDGS) use to the poultry and swine sectors in the country....
08 June 2011
Poultry Industry News from Colombia International Egg and Poultry Review: Colombia
COLOMBIA - This is a weekly report by the USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS), looking at international developments concerning the poultry industry. This week's review looks at Colombia Free Trade Agreements....
16 December 2010
Poultry Industry News from Colombia Reduced Tariffs on DDGS Spell Opportunity for US
COLOMBIA - The Colombian government recently announced a reduction in tariffs for the import of US distiller's dried grains with solubles (DDGS), opening the door for more purchases of the product....
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