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Poultry Industry News: Spain

07 November 2018
Poultry Industry News from Spain Jamesway appoints new Director of Latin America and Spain
Jamesway Incubator Company announces that Dr. Jesus Campa is now Director of Latin America and Spain, Sales. ...
14 August 2018
Poultry Industry News from Spain Aviagen SAU invests in new hatchery in Spain
Aviagen® SAU has inaugurated a new hatchery in Spain, which will serve the needs of Ross® customers in Spain, Portugal and Morocco. ...
18 July 2018
Poultry Industry News from Spain Jamesway supplies Colombia’s Avidesa Mac Pollo with two new hatcheries
Planta Zaragoza and Planta Bacaramanga are two new Avidesa hatcheries that have recently begun operations using hatchery solutions from North America’s Jamesway Incubator Company....
04 May 2018
Poultry Industry News from Spain Aviagen european technical managers’ meeting focuses on product support opportunities
During the week of April 23-26, Aviagen® hosted its annual European Technical Managers’ Meeting (ETMM) in Sevilla, Spain. This assembly of Aviagen’s European Technical Service Managers’ provided an invaluable platform to exchange in-depth information...
19 December 2017
Poultry Industry News from Spain Nutriad concludes maize mycotoxin survey Spain
Multinational feed additives producer Nutriad, a leader in solutions for Mycotoxin Management, continues to invest in mycotoxin surveys across the world. The annual surveys, which are shared with industry professionals, are considered an important source...
25 May 2017
Poultry Industry News from Spain 6th and 7th Theoretical and Practical Course on Avian Coccidiosis by HIPRA UNIVERSITY
On 9th and 10th of May, the sixth and seventh editions of HIPRA UNIVERSITY, focusing on poultry and specifically on theoretical and practical aspects of avian coccidiosis, was held at HIPRA headquarters in Amer (Girona)....
18 May 2017
Poultry Industry News from Spain Jordanian group visit HIPRA facility in Spain to mark the launch of Evalon vaccine
On 4th April last, HIPRA welcomed a group of ten Jordan veterinarians and from the largest poultry meat groups in Jordan to its facilities in Amer (Spain) for the Official Jordanian Launch of EVALON®, its live attenuated vaccine against coccidiosis in...
10 May 2017
Poultry Industry News from Spain Latest Research by Novus to be Displayed at Annual Poultry Nutrition Symposium in Spain
SPAIN - Novus International, Inc., as a leader in animal nutrition and health solutions, is proud to support the global poultry industry and share its latest research through a Diamond Sponsorship at the 21st European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition. ...
13 February 2017
Poultry Industry News from Spain Food Safety & Animal Nutrition Course in Spain
SPAIN - Multinational Feed Additives Producer Nutriad, headquartered in Belgium, participated in the Food Safety and Animal Nutrition Course organized by Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo, which took place in February in Cartagena (Spain)....
20 December 2016
Poultry Industry News from Spain Nutriad Concludes 2016 Spain Maize Mycotoxin Survey
SPAIN - Multinational feed producer Nutriad, concluded its 2016 Mycotoxin Survey in Spain, which included 107 maize samples from different Spanish regions....
14 November 2016
Poultry Industry News from Spain New Project to Recover Nitrogen from Poultry Manure
SPAIN - A new European research project is aiming to recover nitrogen nutrients from pig and poultry manure during composting and anaerobic digestion, using gas-permeable membrane technology....
09 August 2016
Poultry Industry News from Spain Aviagen S.A.U. Celebrates 60 Years of Ross with Seminar in Barcelona
SPAIN - Aviagen experts address customers from Portugal, Spain and Morocco on broiler breeder production, poultry economics....
06 July 2016
Poultry Industry News from Spain Spain's Poultry Meat Exports Up 10 Per Cent in 2015
SPAIN - Spain increased exports of poultry meat by 10.37 per cent last year, with 227,335 tons sold....
27 June 2016
Poultry Industry News from Spain Brexit 'Not too Negative' for Spanish Poultry Sector
SPAIN - The secretary general of the Interprofessional Association for Poultry and Chicken Meat in Spain (Propollo), Ángel Martín, believes that Brexit is not as negative for the Spanish sector as it is for the rest of the EU....
17 June 2016
Poultry Industry News from Spain Growket Launched as a New Livestock Equipment Company within Symaga Group
SPAIN - The new brand from Symaga Group, Growket, was launched last week has been by Alfonso Garrido, president of the group. Symaga was founded in 1985 by Alfonso Garrido for manufacturing silos and livestock equipment....
09 June 2016
Poultry Industry News from Spain Poultry Expert Guillermo Zavala Discusses the Future of Avian Health
ANALYSIS - Dr Guillermo Zavala, the world-renowned poultry disease expert, gave a presentation during the 4th Merial Global Avian Forum on the current situation with vector vaccines, and also led a workshop on emerging (and re-emerging) poultry diseases....
10 May 2016
Poultry Industry News from Spain Removing Fat During Cooking Reduces Environmental Pollutants in Meat
SPAIN - Six months ago, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (at the World Health Organisation or WHO) associated consumption of red meat and processed meat with cancer risk....
16 March 2016
Poultry Industry News from Spain Healthier Flocks for Healthy Food
SPAIN - This week the Ceva Poultry Vaccinology Summit in Barcelona provided the first scientific evidence that vaccination in the hatchery with new technology vaccines can create a step change from disease protection to disease prevention, by minimising...
10 February 2016
Poultry Industry News from Spain Ross Hosts 15th Middle East Africa Association Meeting in Barcelona
SPAIN - The Ross® Middle East Africa Association has built its success by focusing on global poultry market events and trends, presenting important developments for the Ross 308 and enabling distributor customers to support each other by sharing their...
09 February 2016
Poultry Industry News from Spain Nutriad Mycotoxin Survey Spain
SPAIN - Mycotoxins, especially aflatoxins are a constant concern for agriculture. Some weather patterns, such as were seen in Europea throughout 2015, have put the industry on high alert. ...
13 November 2015
Poultry Industry News from Spain Spanish Broiler Production Expected to Remain Flat
SPAIN - Whilst egg exports from Spain are doing extremely well, broiler production is expected to remain level through this year and the next due to low returns, according to the latest report from the USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service....
20 October 2015
Poultry Industry News from Spain Researchers Optimise Feed Efficiency in Poultry, Pigs
SPAIN - Feeding accounts for around 70 per cent of animal production costs, so European scientists are working on improving Feed Conversion Efficiency (FCE) in broilers and pigs (monogastrics)....
24 July 2015
Poultry Industry News from Spain Spain, Algeria Reinforce Cooperation on Agriculture, Fisheries
SPAIN - The Spanish and Algerian governments have signed two agreements to improve their collaboration over agriculture and fisheries....
15 June 2015
Poultry Industry News from Spain Novus Receives 2015 Internationalisation Award
SPAIN - Novus International Inc., a global leader in animal health and nutrition, was presented with the 2015 Internationalisation Award by the Chamber of Commerce of Reus, Spain....
08 June 2015
Poultry Industry News from Spain Cobb Española Investment Gains Pace in Spain
SPAIN - With the increasing success of the Cobb500 broiler breeder in Spain and north Africa, Cobb Española is now investing a further €6.5 million (US$7.2) in expanding production capacity....
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