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Poultry Industry News: Bahamas

05 February 2019
Poultry Industry News from Bahamas Poultry in The Bahamas is about to get a big investment
BAHAMAS - If The Bahamas is to ever meet its own 150 million-pound demand for white meat, close co-operation between the government and the poultry industry is vital, said the next big innovator readying itself to enter the market, propelling the nation...
06 February 2014
Poultry Industry News from Bahamas Bahamian Egg Industry 'Destroyed' by Price Controls
BAHAMAS - As the government moves to take steps to revive the egg production industry in the Bahamas, major producers are complaining that the action may be too little too late as the sector is on the brink of being wiped out altogether....
08 February 2011
Poultry Industry News from Bahamas Poultry Company Under Pressure
BAHAMAS - As a result of rising feed prices and chicken imports, Abaco Big Bird is fighting to stay in business, says the poultry company's owner....
20 January 2011
Poultry Industry News from Bahamas Poultry Production in Bahamas Gets a Boost
BAHAMAS - Bahamas Agricultural and Industrial Corporation (BAIC) aims to increase the local production of poultry products. ...
21 June 2010
Poultry Industry News from Bahamas Minister Touts Removal of Chicken Import Permit
BAHAMAS - Despite recent concerns raised over the government's decision to eliminate the requirement to have a permit to import chicken, Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources Larry Cartwright maintained that it was the right move for the poultry...
22 July 2008
Poultry Industry News from Bahamas Bahamas Poultry Suffering High Feed Prices
BAHAMAS - The country's only large-scale chicken producer has been left with little more than hope as a means of coping with a 40 percent hike in feed prices, opting to pass only a fraction of those expenses onto customers. ...
25 September 2007
Poultry Industry News from Bahamas Poultry Tax Cut Proposed In Bahamas
BAHAMAS - In an effort to promote healthy lifestyles among Bahamians, Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham recently indicated that the government may consider lowering the duty on imported chicken and raising the duty on red meat as a means of encouraging Bahamians...
24 September 2007
Poultry Industry News from Bahamas Protection Needed For Poultry Sector
BAHAMAS - Bahamian poultry producers are cautioning the government as it considers lowering duties on chicken imports, suggesting that would wring the life out of their industry if coupled with the removal of another key protection....
20 December 2006
Poultry Industry News from Bahamas Bahama's Livestock Industry Threatened
THE BAHAMA'S - The livestock industry of The Bahamas is facing a serious threat to its competitiveness stemming from the escalating prices of cereals, principally corn. Corn is a major component of manufactured animal feed for poultry and pork production....

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