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Poultry Industry News: Cuba

18 December 2018
Poultry Industry News from Cuba Cuba blames Trump for egg shortages
CUBA, 18 December 2018 - President Miguel Díaz-Canel, issued remarks Sunday blaming “the impact of the embargo, which has strengthened under the Trump administration,” for nationwide shortages of bread, eggs, and other basic goods as Cubans prepare...
23 June 2014
Poultry Industry News from Cuba Conference Discusses Safety, Regulation of Poultry Farming Products
CUBA - Safety and regulation of poultry farming products was discussed Friday (20 June) at the 23rd Central American and Caribbean Poultry Farming Conference here. ...
19 March 2010
Poultry Industry News from Cuba Cuban Egg Production Recovering after 2008 Hurricanes
CUBA - Poultry farmers in Camaguey province are working hard to return production levels following the 2008 hurricanes....
17 September 2008
Poultry Industry News from Cuba Poultry Farming Devastated in Pinar del Rio
CUBA - The two recent hurricanes have halved monthly egg production at Pinar del Rio. ...
15 April 2008
Poultry Industry News from Cuba Poultry Farmers Congregate in Cuba
CUBA - It has been announced that Cuba will be the location for the 21st Latin American Congress on Poultry Farming. The hosts proceedings will be preceded by several international events....
20 February 2008
Poultry Industry News from Cuba Castro's Resignation Could Boost Poultry Exports
CUBA - With Cuba as the sixth-largest market for U.S. poultry exports, Georgia’s agricultural and poultry community is hopeful that a change in Cuba’s leadership is a good sign for growth....
27 December 2007
Poultry Industry News from Cuba Cuban Deputies Vote to Increase Animal Fodder
HAVANA - Cuba is working to consolidate its food security with increased national production and better use of the land, to remove it from the high prices of the international market. ...
20 August 2007
Poultry Industry News from Cuba Camagüey Reports Remarkable Egg Production
CAMAGUEY - Once the poultry industry began a gradual recovery three years ago, the egg production grew in a sustainable manner up to 2006 when 104 million units were reported, in the current year the producers foresee to compute a total of over 120 million...

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