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Poultry Industry News: Greece

06 December 2017
Poultry Industry News from Greece Avoid the summertime drop in production with practical tips from Hypor
A breadth of poultry management topics ranging from good breeder performance to cost-effective broiler nutrition were on the agenda at the joint Aviagen® and KegoAgri customer seminar, which took place on Nov. 7 in Athens, Greece....
05 April 2017
Poultry Industry News from Greece Boehringer Ingelheim Poultry Forum Explores the Latest Science, Strategies and Unmet Needs for Avian Influenza Control
GREECE - Boehringer Ingelheim, a global leader in animal health, is hosting a two-day forum in Athens, Greece, to share expertise and information on the impact of Avian Influenza around the world and critical control strategies to fight its spread....
08 December 2016
Poultry Industry News from Greece Halamid® Approved for Veterinary/Food/Feed Applications in Greece
GREECE - The Greek Authority for Medicinal products and Disinfectants (EOF) has recently approved Halamid® for Veterinary applications and Food and Feed areas in their country. ...
20 July 2015
Poultry Industry News from Greece Greek Bailout Expected to Cost Agriculture €2 Billion
GREECE - The new bailout agreement reached this week could cost Greek agriculture more than €2 billion, according to a Greek agricultural association....
08 October 2014
Poultry Industry News from Greece Success of Ross 308 Celebrated at Recent Greek Seminar
GREECE - Aviagen® partnered with Ross® distributor Kego S.A. to deliver a seminar to 30 customers from Greece and Cyprus in Ioannina in north-west Greece....
01 July 2014
Poultry Industry News from Greece Thirteen Greek Chicken Meat Companies Fined
GREECE - Thirteen of the country's chicken companies are facing fines totaling almost €40 million after being found guilty of market- and price-fixing....
03 February 2014
Poultry Industry News from Greece Greek Poultry Farm Quarantined as Meat Undergoes Inspection
GREECE - A poultry farm in Koropi, northeast of Athens, has been placed in quarantine after a banned substance was found in the some of the meat products....
30 January 2014
Poultry Industry News from Greece Greek Presidency Urged to Prioritise Animal Welfare
GREECE - Eurogroup for Animals launched a Memorandum outlining its position on animal welfare related policies that will be discussed as part of the Greek Presidency of the Council of the European Union and it will be formally presented to the Presidency...
14 June 2011
Poultry Industry News from Greece Amvrosiadis Consolidates its Position
GREECE - Amvrosiadis has consolidated its position in Greece with SmartPro technologies from Pas Reform....
08 December 2010
Poultry Industry News from Greece Pindos Cooperative Targets Growth
GREECE - Pindos Ioannina Agricultural Poultry Farming Cooperative, the largest poultry sector cooperative in Greece, has awarded the development of a new hatchery complex to Pas Reform. ...
23 November 2010
Poultry Industry News from Greece Greek Seminar Rewards Top Cobb Flock
GREECE - More than 130 people working in the poultry breeding sector in Greece and Cyprus took part in a seminar organised by Anitec in cooperation with Cobb Germany at the Hotel Du Lac at Ioannina....
23 September 2010
Poultry Industry News from Greece Two New Poultry Facilities in Greece
GREECE - Hellenic Solutions Corporation has announced two new poultry projects – a slaughterhouse and a hatchery – together costing €4.15 million....
02 June 2010
Poultry Industry News from Greece Greek Welfare Controls under Scrutiny
GREECE - A new report from the EU's Food and Veterinary Office (FVO) highlights deficiencies in the country's animal welfare controls....
04 February 2010
Poultry Industry News from Greece Growth Expected for Greek Poultry, Dairy
GREECE - Strong growth is expected for the poultry sector and cheese production, while pork and beef are on the decline. ...
09 June 2008
Poultry Industry News from Greece Focus on Feed Costs at Cobb Conference in Greece
GREECE - More than 200 poultry farmers and technical advisers representing over 70 per cent of the Greek and Cypriot broiler industries attended a conference on breeder management at Ioannina in northern Greece. ...
13 December 2007
Poultry Industry News from Greece Aviagen and Kego Host Successful Greek Customer Seminar
GREECE - Aviagen joined forces with Kego S.A., the Ross agent in Greece, to host their first customer seminar to introduce Aviagen to the Greek market and to discuss aspects of breeder management....
09 November 2007
Poultry Industry News from Greece Neglected Chickens Confiscated
GREECE - The SPCA confiscated about 900 chickens from vendors in Philippi last Thursday....
25 September 2007
Poultry Industry News from Greece Greek Poultry Industry Recovering, Report
GREECE - Greece's poultry industry is one of the most significant sectors of the domestic meat industry, with a total production of 177,000 tones of poultry in 2005 or 35 percent of total production in the country, a report by Hellastat said on Monday...
23 March 2007
Poultry Industry News from Greece EU takes Greece to court over animal welfare infringements
EU - The European Commission is to refer Greece to European Court of Justice for failing to enforce EU animal welfare rules, particularly over problems in transport and at slaughter....

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