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Poultry Industry News: Nicaragua

14 May 2015
Poultry Industry News from Nicaragua Newcastle Disease Detected in Nicaragua
NICARAGUA - As the result of heightened surveillance following an outbreak of Newcastle disease in neighbouring Costa Rica, an outbreak has been detected in one of the border districts in Nicaragua....
18 July 2013
Poultry Industry News from Nicaragua Nicaragua Steps up Biosecurity to Prevent Bird Flu
NICARAGUA - The Nicaraguan government has reinforced surveillance on the country's borders in order to prevent entry of avian influenza....
16 January 2013
Poultry Industry News from Nicaragua MAGFOR Reinforces AI Surveillance in Nicaragua
NICARAGUA - The Agriculture and Forestry Ministry has strengthened surveillance and launched a training program in light of the recent outbreak of avian influenza virus of the type H7N3, reported in the state of Aguascalientes in Mexico....
12 December 2012
Poultry Industry News from Nicaragua Newcastle Disease Outbreak in Nicaragua
NICARAGUA - An outbreak of Newcastle disease has been reported to the OIE....
01 February 2012
Poultry Industry News from Nicaragua Cargill Begins Construction of Poultry Plant
NICARAGUA - With an investment of $ 3.5 million Cargill Nicaragua began construction of Wood Farm, a poultry plant with technology that will be capable of raising 2.52 million birds a year....
14 March 2004
Poultry Industry News from Nicaragua President BolaƱos Visited New Layer Farm
NICARAGUA - El Granjero farm received an important visitor for the inauguration of the first three houses at its new farm near the city of Masatepe....

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