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Poultry Industry News: Tanzania

08 January 2018
Poultry Industry News from Tanzania Sh32b Poultry Project in the Offing
TANZANIA - A multi-billion-shilling poultry project is set to take off in Siha District, Kilimanjaro Region....
21 December 2017
Poultry Industry News from Tanzania Tanzania Reports Inordinately High Chicken Feed Costs
TANZANIA - Despite the exemption of value-added tax (VAT) on locally-produced animal feeds, inordinately high prices appears to be the case in Tanzania....
04 July 2017
Poultry Industry News from Tanzania US Urges Tanzania to Lift Ban on Chicken
TANZANIA - Tanzania has maintained a hardline position on its ban on imports of chicken and poultry products from the US, which it imposed in 2006, and now Washington is pushing discussions on the matter to the regional level, demanding that Dar give...
25 May 2017
Poultry Industry News from Tanzania Car & General to Exit Tanzania Poultry Business
TANZANIA - Car & General has announced plans to exit the poultry business in Tanzania which has partly contributed to the company’s loss of Sh37 million in the first six months that ended on 31 March 2017....
11 November 2016
Poultry Industry News from Tanzania Organia to Revitalize Tanzania’s Poultry Industry
TANZANIA - Leading Tanzanian poultry and agriculture specialist Organia has chosen Pas Reform as its partner, for an ambitious economic regeneration project that will redevelop a once important regional production centre into the country’s leading supplier...
26 February 2014
Poultry Industry News from Tanzania Tanzanian Education Centre Recaptures Lost Glory in Poultry
TANZANIA - Kibaha Education Centre’s lost supremacy in poultry industry will be regenerated, thanks to an investor Organia Company Limited which vows to make Kibaha once again iconic source for poultry. ...
25 November 2013
Poultry Industry News from Tanzania Ministry Planning Inspection of Poultry Imports
TANZANIA - Livestock and Fisheries Development minister Dr Mathayo David Mathayo has said that the ban on poultry imports still stands and that the measure has been taken so as to check explosion of bird flu....
21 October 2013
Poultry Industry News from Tanzania Chicken Flu Vaccine Joins Counterfeit List
TANZANIA - Fake chicken flu vaccine has entered the list of sub-standard and fake products, flooding the Tanzanian market owing to ineffective control mechanism or machinery. It is now among fake or sub-standard foodstuffs, vaccines and medical supplies....
02 October 2013
Poultry Industry News from Tanzania Tanzanian District to Launch First Ever Poultry Abattoir in 2014
TANZANIA - Iramba District Commissioner Yahya Nawanda has said that the district will launch its poultry abattoir early next year in a strategy to enable chicken farmers to produce better....
26 September 2013
Poultry Industry News from Tanzania Tyson Foods, World Vision Join to Fight Hunger in Tanzania
US - Tyson Foods, Inc. and World Vision have formed a new partnership to bring vital assistance to small family farmers in northern Tanzania....
25 September 2013
Poultry Industry News from Tanzania Farmers, Poultry Keepers to Benefit from US$13m Project
TANZANIA - Over 150,000 smallholder farmers and poultry keepers are expected to benefit from the UK-funded project, which is to be implemented in 15 regions in Tanzania....
23 August 2013
Poultry Industry News from Tanzania Kilosa, Bagamoyo Benefit from Dairy and Chicken Farming
TANZANIA - The need for increased livestock production is pressing, given the rapidly growing demand for animal products and the important contribution of livestock to the incomes and welfare of the rural poor communities....
30 July 2013
Poultry Industry News from Tanzania Isles' Govt Urged to Ban Chicken Import
TANZANIA - In a bid to protect market for local farmers, Zanzibar House of Representatives members are pressing the authorities to ban importation of chicken....
03 January 2013
Poultry Industry News from Tanzania ICT to Improve Poultry Farming
TANZANIA - Poultry farmers in Kitunda area are anxious to embrace the internet and its infinite possibilities as well as adopting the use of other modern software programmes to access information on diseases, market prices, poultry selection, breeding,...
29 November 2012
Poultry Industry News from Tanzania Lack of Market Cripples Zanzibar's Poultry Farming
ZANZIBAR - Lack of market for small-scale poultry farmers has been blamed for the poor poultry farming in Zanzibar....
02 April 2012
Poultry Industry News from Tanzania PM Touts Indigenous Poultry Farming
TANZANIA - The government has been advised to promote commercialisation of indigenous poultry keeping in its poverty reduction strategies....
28 March 2012
Poultry Industry News from Tanzania Efforts to Boost Poultry Industry Underway in Tanzania
TANZANIA - MUVEK Development Solutions has organised a two day event to launch Research Into Use (RIU) Programme in knowledge outputs in Dar es Salaam on Wednesday to be opened by the Prime Minister, Mr Mizengo Pinda....
05 March 2012
Poultry Industry News from Tanzania RJ Feeds Acquires Tanzania Poultry Firm
TANZANIA - Aurangabad-based RJ Feeds Pvt Ltd has gone to Africa for its first acquisition. The company has recently acquired Tanzania-based integrated poultry firm Gold’N Chiks Ltd for an undisclosed amount. The deal involves 100 per cent buyout of...
29 February 2012
Poultry Industry News from Tanzania Livestock Department Clears Mkuranga Poultry Farm
TANZANIA - The Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Development has confirmed that Morning Fresh Farm in Mkuranga District, Coast Region is a licenced poultry farm and its eggs are fit for human consumption....
31 May 2011
Poultry Industry News from Tanzania Training Sessions Help Rural Communities
TANZANIA - Poultry farmers have received training in poultry keeping....
20 December 2010
Poultry Industry News from Tanzania Training, Technology Welcomed by Small Producers
TANZANIA - Smaller poultry farmers in the district of Rufiji have welcomed the training and technology offered through international farmers co-operation. ...
10 September 2007
Poultry Industry News from Tanzania Livestock Breeds Extinction Threat: How Prepared Is Tanzania?
TANZANIA - The recent announcement by the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) that the world is now facing extinction of indigenous livestock breeds is a warning to countries with huge animal populations such as Tanzania. ...
17 August 2007
Poultry Industry News from Tanzania Fish, Chicken Prices Still High Despite End Of RVF
TANZANIA - Prices of fish and chicken have remained high in most parts of Dar es Salaam despite the disappearance of Rift Valley Fever (RVF), it has been learnt. ...

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