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04 July 2017
Poultry Industry News from Brazil No Salmonella Found in Poultry Exports, Brazil Tells EU
BRAZIL - Brazil notified the European Union's (EU) Food Service Authority on Monday that it had found no traces of salmonella in exported poultry....
30 June 2017
Poultry Industry News from United Kingdom Are People 'Rolling the Dice' When it Comes to Food Safety?
UK - A new study, conducted by a team of UK-based researchers led by the University of Liverpool known as the ENIGMA Project, has revealed the levels of bad behaviours in UK kitchens which increase the public's risk of getting food poisoning....
28 June 2017
Poultry Industry News from Thailand CP Foods Suspends Operations at Chicken Plant
THAILAND - Thai agribusiness company Charoen Pokphand Foods has suspended operations of a chicken plant in Bangkok following an accident there last week in which five people died after falling into a wastewater treatment pond....
26 June 2017
Poultry Industry News from China Use of Antibiotics in Poultry, Livestock to be Reduced
CHINA - Irregularities in the use of antibiotics in poultry and livestock in China will be strictly monitored to reduce drug resistance, according to a national plan released by the Ministry of Agriculture on Friday....
22 June 2017
Poultry Industry News from United States Tyson Foods Rolls Out High-tech Chicken Welfare Programme
US - As part of its focus on sustainable food production, Tyson Foods has launched a broad, new animal well-being initiative that combines the latest technology with high-touch monitoring and training to improve the care of chickens....
19 June 2017
Poultry Industry News from Global Global Diet, Farming Methods 'Must Change for Environment's Sake,' Says Study
GLOBAL - Reducing meat consumption and using more efficient farming methods globally are essential to stave off irreversible damage to the environmental, a new study says....
15 June 2017
Poultry Industry News from United Kingdom GE2017: What Next for British Poultry Meat?
UK - The fallout from the General Election has likely only just begun, with political jockeying steadily building to a frantic level. The headline issues of Brexit, health, education, and defence remain in-play, but that means little or no consideration...
14 June 2017
Poultry Industry News from Global Where Climate Change is Most Likely to Induce Food Violence
GLOBAL - While climate change is expected to lead to more violence related to food scarcity, new research suggests that the strength of a country's government plays a vital role in preventing uprisings....
05 June 2017
Poultry Industry News from United States Effects on Food Safety Performance in Chicken Slaughter Establishments
US - The assured safety of chicken and other food products is of vital concern for Americans, especially the elderly, children, people with suppressed immune systems, and others vulnerable to foodborne illness. ...
01 June 2017
Poultry Industry News from Congo DRC Reports First High-path H5 Avian Flu Outbreaks
DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO - The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) recently reported its first highly pathogenic H5 avian flu outbreaks, suspected to be the H5N8 subtype, as Italy reported another H5N8 outbreak in poultry, China announced a large H7N9...
29 May 2017
Poultry Industry News from Canada What to Take Away from Canada’s Vast Agriculture Survey
CANADA - Canada’s agricultural industry received its five-yearly health check this month, with the publication of the 2016 Census of Canadian Agriculture – an incredibly detailed and comprehensive insight into the country’s farming sector. Angela...
24 May 2017
Poultry Industry News from United States NFU Says President Trump's Budget Assaulting Farm Safety Net, Rural Communities
US - President Donald J. Trump issued a detailed fiscal year 2018 federal budget proposal yesterday (23 May), recommending drastic cuts to agricultural and rural related agencies and programmes....
23 May 2017
Poultry Industry News from China Wild Geese in China 'Prisoners' in Their Own Wetlands
CHINA - In many places in the world, goose populations are booming as the birds have moved out of their wetland habitats to exploit an abundance of food on farmland. ...
17 May 2017
Poultry Industry News from United States Study: Economic Ripple Effect of Livestock Operations in Indiana
ANALYSIS - If you've driven through the US state of Indiana, you'll have seen lots of corn and soybean fields. It’s no surprise that it ranks in the top 10 US agricultural states, but what is surprising is that Indiana livestock operations are seeing...
15 May 2017
Poultry Industry News from United States Trump Declares War on Environmental Regulations
US - Under the Trump administration, budgets are being cut and regulatory powers curtailed for federal bodies across the board – but none more so than the Environmental Protection Agency. What does this mean for US farmers and producers? Rachel Lane...
09 May 2017
Poultry Industry News from Global FAO Food Price Index Dips Again in April
GLOBAL - Global food commodity prices fell in April amid expectations of ongoing robust supplies of many key staples....
04 May 2017
Poultry Industry News from South Africa Hens with Benefits
SOUTH AFRICA - When there’s a booming market for poultry products, it makes sense for dairy farms to get in on the action. Chris McCullough reports on one South African milking operation that has found managing a poultry flock on the side comes with...
03 May 2017
Poultry Industry News from United Kingdom Did Medieval Religious Rules Drive Domestic Chicken Evolution?
UK - Chickens were domesticated from Asian jungle fowl around 6000 years ago. Since domestication they have acquired a number of traits that are valuable to humans, including those concerning appearance, reduced aggression and faster egg-laying, although...
28 April 2017
Poultry Industry News from United States Rooster Testes Used to Learn How Body Fights Viruses
US - Our bodies are constantly under siege by foreign invaders; viruses, bacteria and parasites that want to infiltrate our cells....
26 April 2017
Poultry Industry News from United States National Turkey Federation Applauds Senate Confirmation of Ag Secretary
US - The National Turkey Federation and America’s turkey producers applaud the Senate’s confirmation of Sonny Perdue as the 31st US Secretary of Agriculture. ...
21 April 2017
Poultry Industry News from United States Better Way to Predict Environmental Impacts of Ag Production
GLOBAL - Consumer goods companies often rely on life-cycle assessments (LCA) to figure out the potential consequences of how they design products and source ingredients. This kind of assessment, while sophisticated, often lacks detail about how the products...
18 April 2017
Poultry Industry News from Global Nearly Two Billion People Depend on Imported Food
GLOBAL - Researchers show empirically: when population pressure increases, food is imported....
14 April 2017
Poultry Industry News from Global Enzymes Are Key Piece of Puzzle to Feed the 9 Billion
ANALYSIS - How do we feed the world’s future population and the growing global demand for protein?...
06 April 2017
Poultry Industry News from Global Report: Benchmark for Action Needed to Avoid Future Disasters
GLOBAL - Despite international efforts to address food insecurity, around 108 million people in the world were severely food insecure in 2016, a dramatic increase compared with 80 million in 2015, according to a new global report on food crises released...
04 April 2017
Poultry Industry News from Global NIR Technology Monitors Feed, Reduces Cost
ANALYSIS - NIR technology is being used by animal feed producers throughout the production process to help monitor variability of raw materials and finish feeds with the end goal of reducing feed costs. ...
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