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UK Poultry and Poultry Meat Statistics

26 October 2012

UK Poultry and Poultrymeat Statistics - October 2012UK Poultry and Poultrymeat Statistics - October 2012

This release shows the latest monthly information on poultry outputs, including hatchery, slaughtering, production and trade statistics. The key results for September 2012 are given below:
UK Poultry & Poultrymeat Reports

  • UK broiler chick placings were 1.5 per cent higher than September 2011 at 72 million birds and UK turkey placings were 16 per cent higher than September 2011 at 2.3 million birds.

  • UK broiler slaughterings were 2.7 per cent higher than September 2011 at 68 million birds. UK turkey slaughterings were 18 per cent higher than September 2011 at 1.5 million birds.

  • UK poultry meat production was 127 thousand tonnes, 2.7 per cent higher than September 2011.

Section 1: United Kingdom Hatcheries Data – Placings And Eggs Set

The tables below show the number of chicks placed and eggs set by United Kingdom hatcheries. The number of birds placed each month shown below give an indication of future poultry meat and egg production. The number of eggs set each month indicates how many birds will be available for placing in future months. The surveys are run according to statistical, rather than calendar, months with January, April, July and October being five week periods and other months being four week periods. Please note 2010 is a 53 week statistical year, therefore December 2010 is a 5 week month (see charts). The effect of this is clearly seen in the charts. The twelve month moving totals can be used to get a clearer idea of trends.

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