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UK Egg Statistics

07 August 2014

United Kingdom Egg Statistics – Quarter 2, 2014United Kingdom Egg Statistics – Quarter 2, 2014

This release shows quarterly information on the numbers of eggs packed in UK packing stations (which covers the vast majority of total eggs produced), usage and farm-gate egg prices. It also includes monthly information on the trade in eggs and egg products.
UK Egg Statistics Reports

Key results

  • 6.8 million cases of eggs were packed in UK egg packing stations during the second quarter of 2014. This represents a 2% increase on last quarter and continues the upward trend seen over the past year back up towards the high levels last seen in 2011. Egg production is expected to continue increasing in the coming months. Recent increases have been seen in the number of layer chick placings (Defra poultry statistics) which indicate a larger laying flock once these chicks reach maturity, and hence, increased egg production.

  • The average UK farm-gate egg price through Q2 2014 is 85.4 pence per dozen, continuing the steady price decreases seen since the peak of 92.2 pence per dozen in Q1 2013.

  • The volume of eggs processed during the second quarter of 2014 totalled 28 thousand tonnes. The production of liquid egg and egg products increased by 19% compared to the same period the previous year.

Section 1: UK egg packing volumes, methods of production, UK country breakdowns and price statistics

The tables in this section show quarterly information on the volumes of eggs passed through the UK egg packing stations. These eggs generally account for over 90% of total egg production. Packing station figures include throughput of both graded and ungraded eggs.

  • The number of eggs which went through the packing stations increased by 2% in Q2 2014 on the previous quarter and continue the upward trend seen generally over the past year back up towards the high levels last seen in 2011 (Figure 1). Egg production is expected to continue increasing in the coming months with increased placings indicating an expansion in the laying flock later this year.

  • Egg prices have been steadily falling since the peak in Q1 2013. Looking at longer term trends over time, high egg prices have tended to precede increases in egg production, reflecting the influence this can have on the market.

Figure 1: The number of eggs packed in UK packing stations compared to the UK farm-gate egg price: 2000-2014

Note: Prices are not adjusted for inflation

  • Eggs produced from hens in enriched colony systems (intensive cages pre-2012) account for 52% of the total throughput whilst free range eggs account for 43%. The proportion of eggs produced in the differing systems has remained virtually unchanged over the past 10 years.

Figure 2: Breakdown of egg throughput by production method: April-June 2014

August 2014

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