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USDA Livestock & Poultry: World Markets & Trade

17 October 2014

USDA Livestock & Poultry: World Markets & Trade - 17 October 2014USDA Livestock & Poultry: World Markets & Trade - 17 October 2014

USDA Livestock & Poultry: World Markets & Trade

Modest Expansion for Global Beef, Pork and Broiler Meat Trade in 2015

Beef and Veal:

• Global exports are forecast nearly 2 percent higher to a record 9.9 million tons. Gains by leading exporters Brazil and India more than offset declines in the United States and Australia, both hindered by tight supplies and high prices. Asia, particularly China and Hong Kong, accounts for the majority of demand growth.

• U.S. production is forecast to continue to decline, down 2 percent to 10.9 million tons as lower slaughter more than offsets increased weights. Despite robust global demand, tight supplies and higher prices are expected to drive U.S. exports 3 percent lower to 1.1 million tons.


• After declining two years, global exports are forecast to rebound and increase 4 percent to 7.2 million tons on strong demand from China. China’s liquidation of breeding sows will slow production growth; its imports are forecast to reach a record 1.0 million tons on rising consumption. A ban on shipments from key suppliers as well as disease-based restrictions will drive Russia’s imports lower despite increased shipments from Brazil.

• U.S. production is forecast to rebound 5 percent to a record 10.9 million tons on increased slaughter and heavier weights. Greater supplies and lower prices will benefit U.S. exports which are forecast to increase 3 percent to 2.4 million tons on Mexican and Asian demand.

Broiler Meat:

• Global exports are forecast to expand 4 percent to a record 10.9 million tons as a result of gains by Brazil, the United States, Turkey, Argentina and Thailand. Imports by Russia are expected to decline as domestic production increases. Brazil and Argentina are poised to capture a greater share of the Russian market as a result of the recent ban on broiler meat shipments from EU, United States, Canada, Australia and Norway.

• U.S. production is forecast to rise 3 percent to a record 17.8 million tons on increased slaughter, heavier weights and greater demand due to broiler meat’s price competiveness visà- vis red meats. Despite the loss of the Russian market, U.S. exports are expected to rise 1 percent to a record 3.3 million tons as shipments are shifted towards Mexico, Sub-Saharan Africa and East Asia.


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