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USDA Turkey Hatchery and Raised

01 October 2015

USDA Turkeys Raised - 1 October 2015USDA Turkeys Raised - 1 October 2015

Turkey Hatchery

Turkeys Raised Down 4 Percent from 2014

Turkeys Raised in the United States during 2015 is forecasted at 228 million, down 4 percent from the number raised during 2014.

A combination of six states account for nearly two-thirds of the turkeys produced in the United States during 2015. The largest turkey producing state is Minnesota, at 40.0 million turkeys, down 12 percent from the previous year. North Carolina is up 2 percent from last year, producing 29.0 million turkeys. Arkansas produced 27.0 million turkeys, which is down 10 percent from the previous year. Indiana is up 1 percent from a year ago to 19.1 million turkeys. Missouri is up 6 percent from last year, producing 18.0 million turkeys. Virginia is up compared to the previous year by 4 percent at 17.4 million turkeys.

Published by USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS)

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