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USDA Egg Products

02 November 2015

USDA Egg Products - 2 November 2015USDA Egg Products - 2 November 2015

Egg Products

Shell Eggs Broken Down 15 Percent from Last Year

September 2014 contained 22 weekdays (including 1 holiday) and 4 Saturdays.

September 2015 contained 22 weekdays (including 1 holiday) and 4 Saturdays.

Shell eggs broken totaled 167 million dozen during September 2015, down 15 percent from September a year ago, and slightly below the 168 million broken during the previous month.

During calendar year 2015 through September, shell eggs broken totaled 1,597 million dozen, down 5 percent from the comparable period in 2014. To date, cumulative total edible product from eggs broken in 2015 was 2,064 million pounds, down 6 percent from 2014.

Data presented in this report were compiled from Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) inspection reports. The best available data at the time of publication were used.

Published by USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS)

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