Alternative protein strategy for poultry feed, an economic approach towards feed formulation and poultry integration

KIFAY, an alternative and economic approach towards feed formulation
calendar icon 7 April 2022
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Poultry industry is heavily influenced by feed commodity prices, trade negotiations, currency fluctuations and economic growth of the importing markets. Firstly, it was Covid then poultry product prices dropped on fears of linking chicken consumption to the virus transmission. Further Avian influenza outbreak of Jan-Feb 2021 which hit it when the sales were just recovering.

After that the second wave struck, and now when the industry was getting back on its feat the feed prices have spiked up due to the Russia-Ukraine war.

Increasing feed commodity prices

KIFAY, an alternative and economic approach towards feed formulation. Contact Vinayak to enquire about Kifay Amino Acid Optimizer

High feed prices have already resulted in an increase in the prices of animal protein such as chicken, milk and milk products, and seafood. Prices of soybean and maize are rising sharply, the two key inputs that are used in feed in the poultry industry as a source of protein and energy.

The main driver of increasing feed costs has been soyabean and maize. Feed accounts for 70% of variable costs, wherein maize forms 55-60% of the feed while soymeal forms 30-35% approximately. In the last six-month maize prices have gone up by more than 50% while the soyebean prices rose by 60-70% in the past 1 year.

Due to the conflict with Russia, the imports of de-oiled cakes have stopped which is largely used as a protein source in chicken feed. The industry is sensitive to fluctuations in the ingredient prices, mainly feed which accounts for 70% of the variable costs. The industry margins are taking the toll led by spike in soyabean and maize costs in FY2022.

Chicken prices have also gone up by 25-30% since January, the experts expect a further increase of 20-50% in different parts of the world in March due to acute shortage of feed and fresh supply chain issues.

Increasing demand of animal protein

High prices of SBM, Maize, de-oiled cakes and essential amino acids drive the feed prices and so the cost of animal protein. According to the FAO data, global meat production is predicted to be 16% higher by 2025 and global feed processing market growing at a CAGR of 3.92% from 2020 to 2027. The surge in consumption and demand of livestock products such as eggs, meat, dairy & dairy-based products are expected to upswing the demand for feed among the farm animals. With the ever increasing demand of animal protein and consumption of competitive feed ingredients like soya, maize and other cereals; we are challenged to search unconventional alternatives or adopt sustainable strategies.

KIFAY, an alternative and economic approach towards feed formulation

Herbal medicine has been revolutionizing in the animal industry for its safe, efficient, and long term benefits. Scientists are scouting for phytoactive compounds which have anabolic and antiseptic properties to improve growth performance and nutrient efficiency. Phytochemicals, also referred as phytobiotics or phytogenics, are natural bioactive compounds that are extracted from plants and incorporated into animal feed to enhance productivity and improve feed efficiency.

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To meet the increasing demand and keep the livestock and poultry product prices reasonable, KIFAY supported feed millers and poultry integrators in enduring times by increasing their profit margins.

KIFAY, is a blend of synergistic herb extract. The feed additive is used for improving FCR and weight gain. KIFAY plays a unique role in amino acid absorption, protein biosynthesis in liver and improving protein retention in the birds. It upregulates hepatic IGF 1 levels and activates muscle protein synthesis. The other combination of polyphenols and flavonoids increase digestive secretions which helps in nutrient metabolism and absorption.

Lower down the feed prices and increase the profit margins

In feed formulations, to minimize the feed cost KIFAY functions as a protein optimizer. Nutritionists can reduce the total crude protein percent by 0.5 % and save the pricey feed ingredients such as SMB or de-oiled cakes. For instance, by minimizing 0.5 % CP it can save up to 11 kg of SBM and reward additional saving without affecting performance of the birds. For poultry integrators, KIFAY supplementation @ 2 KG per MT of feed improves FCR and weight gain which yields handsome value to the investment.

KIFAY plays a pivotal role in sustaining the ever escalating feed commodity prices, saving human grade food and growing profitable animal produce in the blue times.

Contact Vinayak to enquire about Kifay Amino Acid Optimizer

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