Are mobile housing units a boost for free-range farmers?

Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of mobile layer units in Australia as a model for other hot climates.
calendar icon 25 July 2019
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Abundant Permaculture's DIY "ChickShaw"
Abundant Permaculture's DIY "ChickShaw"

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Big Dutchman's NATURA caravan
Big Dutchman's NATURA caravan

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Heat stress is a major challenge for free-range laying hens in hot climates
Heat stress is a major challenge for free-range laying hens in hot climates
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Dr Lauren Edwards

Lauren completed her PhD in 2009 on the human-animal relationship on caged egg farms, and is currently working at the Animal Welfare Science Centre, University of Melbourne. Her research interests involve using behaviour to assess the welfare of farm animals, particularly chickens, pigs and sheep.

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