Checklist for Summer

Dr Berry Lott of Mississippi State University offers advice to farmers to solve those problems in the poultry house that tend to crop up when the temperature starts to rise. The article was published in the June 2009 issue Poultry Health & Management Report from the US National Institute for Animal Agriculture.
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The effectiveness of the 'little things' can make a big difference in your bottom line, and this 'summertime check list' – compiled by Dr Berry Lott of Mississippi State University – can help you zero in on those 'little things' of summer.

  1. Increased static pressure – Check for dirty evaporative pads, closure of inlet opening, increased number of fans operating, and mechanical changes such as belts, louvers, leaky curtains, fans.
  2. Decreased static pressure – Check for worn fan belts, dirty louvers, dirty fans and/or fan blades, if vent boxes are leaking, gaps between cool cell pads.
  3. Excessive temperature rise down house (more than 5°F) – Check for leaky curtains, not enough air down the house, inlet curtains restricting incoming air, dirty fans and/or louvers and sufficient water over pads.
  4. Excessive cake – Check for adequate ventilation, leaky waterers, leaky foggers, excessive operation of foggers and if fog is hitting objects in the house.
  5. Temperature too hot in the house – Check if enough fans are running, fan belts have excessive wear, fans and louvers are dirty, evaporative pads are dirty, enough water is going over the pads, curtains have too many leaks, excessive leaks in the dog house and inlets curtains are restricting inlet air.
  6. Low air velocity – Check for worn fan belts, dirty fans and louvers, dirty evaporative pad and inlet curtain restricting air flow.
June 2009
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