CTCBio and iNtRON signed an exclusive contract for the supply of bacteriophage raw materials in the animal feed additives field

Bacteriophage has emerged as an alternative to antibiotics in accordance with global restrictions on the antibiotic uses
calendar icon 22 December 2022
clock icon 2 minute read
By: CTCBio

CTCBio (CEO Lee Min-Goo), a pharmaceutical research and development company, and iNtRON (CEO YOON Kyung-Won), a bio-new drug developing venture company specializing in bacteriophage, announced that they have signed a contract for the exclusive ‘bacteriophage’ raw material supply in the animal feed additives field.

Under the contract, CTCBio will become the exclusive partner for bacteriophage raw materials produced by iNtRON, and CTCBio will commercialize and globally sell animal feed additive products containing bacteriophage.

Bacteriophage is a virus that attacks specific bacteria and is recognized as a next-generation antibiotic because it acts exclusively on target bacteria and does not cause bacteria resistance or residues in the body. A global trend of banning antibiotics in animal feeds due to the antibiotic resistance problem, bacteriophages have emerged as a promising antibiotic alternative.

Since 2010, CTCBio has been commercializing animal feed additive products based on bacteriophage raw materials supplied by iNtRON, and exporting to more than 50 countries worldwide, including Brazil, South America, and Mexico, as well as Asian regions. The partnership between CTCBio and iNtRON has been more clearly renewed through the contract execution this time, and it is expected to be renewed every three years respectively.

A company official said, "The signing of this contract has prevented competitors from entering the market as it enables us to be supplied with bacteriophage raw materials exclusively from iNtRON." He continued, "Since bacteriophages could be the most powerful alternatives to antibiotics, we will aggressively expand our global business.”

About CTCBio, Inc.

CTC BIO Inc. manufactures and distributes veterinary drugs for bovine, poultry, swine, and fish such as antibiotics, antiparasitic agents, and carcass quality enhancers. The Company also produces natural pigments and feed enzymes.

About iNtRON Biotechnology, Inc.

iNtRON (www.intodeworld.com) is a bio-new drug developing venture company and a leader in bacteriophage-based technology for humans with the aim to develop and investigate into the ‘Immune & Immunotherapeutic’ market. While pursuing global research and business development (R&BD) investments since the foundation and accelerated development after entering its IPO in KOSDAQ, the company homed in on innovating BIO New Drugs by developing various ‘First-in-Class” and “First-in-Concept’ bio-drugs and conducting clinical studies in phases. The Company is committed to the development of innovative innovation in the infectious diseases and ‘Immune & Immunotherapeutic’ area.

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