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Poultry welfare expert Murilo Quintiliano explains how BirdBox puts information at your fingertips
calendar icon 14 May 2024
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Stopping an emerging issue in its tracks safeguards bird health and protects productivity. With egg producers managing a myriad of variables to ensure the highest health and welfare standards while optimising egg production, a continuous flow of up-to-the-minute data is critical.

“Staying ahead of the game is essential,” says Murilo Quintiliano, FAI's poultry and welfare expert. “Allowing a problem to escalate not only costs farmers financially but threatens bird health and welfare.”

“To do this, egg businesses need information at their fingertips. Managing birds across multiple sites requires data to be easily accessed at any time - on phones and laptops.”

Real-time digital data paramount

BirdBox does just that. Combining in-house sensors with the latest data collection software, it produces a continuous stream of information on important house conditions, including light levels, humidity, CO2 and temperature.

Integrated bird weighers keep an eye on average bird weight with feed bin weigh cells tracking feed consumption, water and electricity use. Not that you’ll run out of feed – in-built automated ordering takes care of that for you.

Crucially, BirdBox doesn’t require you to spend extra time checking data throughout an already busy day. The system’s alerts and notifications give reassurance and peace of mind – ‘no news is good news’.

“We know everything is running as it should be as BirdBox alerts if something goes wrong,” shares a farm manager supplying Lake’s Free Range Egg Co., which uses BirdBox across its supply. “When we receive an alert by SMS or email, we know what has happened and where, so we can isolate the problem and act quickly to resolve it.”

The simplicity of BirdBox belies its efficiency. “Management decisions are faster and easier, helping to mitigate the risks and maintain bird welfare and performance.” explains Quintiliano.

Sharing data securely

BirdBox data isn’t only about day-to-day management within the team. It can be shared securely with those outside the business, such as vets, feed mills and field technicians, making early intervention easier when required.

In fact, BirdBox is supply chain integration at its best, designed to involve everyone, not just farmers and egg businesses. Its advanced analytics and secure data sharing produce tailored and secure reports suitable for customers, retailers, auditors and industry monitoring systems, saving valuable time and effort.

“Instant access to figures allows easy reporting and makes external audits much simpler,” a Lake’s farmer reveals.

Quintiliano explains the increasing need for good data to drive better production: “In an industry requiring increasing amounts of robust and instant data, BirdBox satisfies both the day-to-day practical operational needs and supply chain requirements, and all centred on bird health and welfare.”

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