H&N's KAI is industries’ first personal proactive pocket-sized farming co-pilot

KAI, the industries’ first layer farming assistant, combines data analysis with proactive recommendations and activity alerts for each single day and each development step in the life of a bird
calendar icon 20 December 2021
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KAI can make that happen! Available in Appstore and Google Play, this assistant is like no other, because KAI combines data analysis with proactive recommendations and activity alerts for each single day and each development step in the life of a bird. KAI proactively tells you everything you need to know and do! Optimized for mobile devices on Android or iOS KAI is a real digital companion to be taken anywhere you want - barn, office, house or on holiday. KAI comes in two versions: Blue KAI for rearing parent stock or DOL and Red KAI, scheduled to launch in Spring 2022, for production of hatching and table eggs.

Anyone owning a mobile phone on Android or iOS can now say goodbye to tedious manual data recording or fiddling with spread sheets and lengthy manuals. Or hiring a computer-savvy person to help. KAI not only captures production data on the mobile phone right on site at the barn, it also analyzes data along various parameters. And it doesn’t stop here: KAI actively recommends proven track targeted actions and issues alerts when any parameters may get off track. Prevention and due diligence have never been easier!

“KAI is comparable to a digital fitness companion that not only monitors but actually consults and accompanies you on your endeavor to reach a certain training level or other personal goals in fitness and wellbeing”, says Xabier Arbe, Managing Director of H&N International.

Take KAI outdoors – get fast insights and much more

“Eyeing and monitoring all sorts of criteria is the daily job anyway. But few people have extra-time to transfer data manually into spreadsheets, twiddle with any half-baked software that records data but doesn’t help to make any sense of it, let alone suggesting targeted countermeasures when results are not on track.”

H&N International has designed KAI as a truly user friendly, customer centered solution for all situations and challenges in the rearing and production business. Both versions, Blue KAI and Red KAI, are structured in a very simple and clear way. They help to manage profit-growth from day one and all through the entire production cycle until after 100 weeks.

What KAI is:

In short KAI is a portable pocket-cockpit with a co-pilot to help you, a true self-learning assistant and a profit maximiser from the first moment you use – small enough to carry it with you anywhere, yet large enough in terms of capabilities and functionality.

Both versions of KAI are mobile device optimized and as such ready to follow their owners everywhere he or she wants to record and analyze data or share real-time insights with staff members, managers or colleagues. “Because at the end of the day as business-people we need to know whether profit has been gained or lost. It’s this direct transfer of rearing or production data into economical KPIs what saves time and brings true value and security of being on track with our business.”

What KAI stands for:

Thai language inspired the App’s name: “Depending on the pronunciation it can mean ‘chicken’ or ‘egg’”, explains Arbe. And the management principle of Kaizen, Japanese for “ongoing optimization of processes”, too, is completely in line with what H&N International does as Genetics Company: Constant genetic optimization of parent stock breeds for world leading layers with best egg results. Finally, AI is commonly used for various formats of Artificial Intelligence. “KAI contains it all, blue or red, it’s a safe bet!”

Multiple added values

Customers can lean back while KAI takes care of their flocks’ performance data, yet they can always stay in full control and enjoy greater efficiency and production security.

KAI can monitor every flock 24/7, 365 days a year and provide real time insights into productivity, health, and consumables at the push of a button. Taking corrective action in nutrition management, flock uniformity adjustments, scheduling of vaccination or arranging for the next hygiene measures – planning correctly in line with business and genetic KPIs of a breed is now a matter of seconds. KAI simply helps you to work more efficiently and it also helps to increase the general health and productivity of your birds.

KAI helps to improve flock-data collection and analysis with the regular check of all the fundamental KPIs anytime anywhere. Since production and layer management require some different processes and procedures with different KPIs, Red KAI (planned launch in Spring 2022) offers a dedicated application for these. “Rearing and production are two different procedures. We believe that two applications give more accuracy in analyzing both correctly and not compromise on profit-growth in each”, says Arbe.

KPIs can be chosen according to personal needs: If you are gearing up for rearing Parent Stock or DOL Blue KAI will assist you. If you seek help for the professional production of Parent Stock or DOL watch out for Red KAI (planned launch Spring 2022). Both versions help you in every area and on every single day in the life of your birds:

  • Preparing rearing
    Everything there is to know to prepare your laying barns at best and welcome your future flocks for a flawless start
  • Excellent development?
    Target bodyweight and uniformity across your entire flocks can be captured and controlled easily as vital criteria for respective egg sizes and egg mass
  • Vaccination and lighting on track?
    Never miss a thing and be reminded of due vaccination or adjustment of lighting times
  • Passport, please
    Have all documents ready at one click whenever you need them. Goodbye to messy paperwork, hello digital office! And every time you do need a paper in printing, your digital desk has it all ready and in the right order.
  • Are your birds productive?
    Get timely insights into productivity status and increase or fine-tune
  • How healthy are your birds?
    Profit from early disease detection based on bird performance and get emergency tips to execute preventive measures or fast counteraction
  • How about consumables?
    In-depth insights into feed consumption, feed conversion and water intake will help to achieve the target feed intake needed for your desired egg-results

Why KAI is a true companion

  • Alerts you automatically in case any problems arise or should results threaten to get off track
  • Reminds you of tasks ahead, tasks forgotten or incomplete
  • Suggests best practices and ways to improve your results
  • Does everything generic industry applications claim – and a lot more
  • Blue KAI and Red KAI are truly business-targeted: both provide accurate layer or parent stock KPIs ensuring real-time insights into whether rearing and production goals are on track
  • Mobile device enabled for Android or iOS; data can be transferred easily to local PCs
  • Stay close to internal and external specialists and field support by tiered remote access, easy assignment and withdrawal for full control in the hands of the user
  • No need to read a manual unless you want to. KAI provides 100% customer-centered user friendly: designed for real-live every day heavy duty usage in layer and parent stock business

Learn more about KAI.

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