Hy-Line Brown Max dominates 20th Czech test for cage-free production

Leads all competitors to 70 weeks of age
calendar icon 26 June 2024
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The results are in for the 20th CZECH CAGE-FREE PRODUCTION TEST, and one variety clearly stands above the rest: the Hy-Line Brown Max!

The Hy-Line Brown Max leads all competitors at 70 weeks of age in HenHoused Eggs, Cumulative Egg Mass, Average Rate of Lay, and Incidence of Floor Eggs.

Superior Egg Mass

At 70 weeks of age, the Hy-Line Brown Max boasts a cumulative egg mass per hen-housed of 20.9 kg–that's 900 g more than the next best competitor, and 1.4 kg more than the average of all competitor brands in the test.

Best Rate of Lay

With an average rate of lay of 91.4% at 70 weeks of age, the Hy-Line Brown Max beats the competition average by 3.7%.

Lowest Floor Eggs

Fewer floor eggs means more eggs in the nest

The Hy-Line Brown Max produced only 0.76% floor eggs— by far the best in the test! Hy-Line Brown Max had 1/3 fewer floor eggs than their nearest competitor!

The Hy-Line Brown Max dominated the field in terms of lowest incidence of floor eggs, most hen-housed eggs, highest cumulative egg mass, and top rate of lay.

Most HH Eggs

Once again, the Hy-Line Brown Max came out on top, with 3.9 more hen-housed eggs than the next best competitor at 70 weeks, and 13.5 more eggs than the average of all competitors.

Hy-Line Brown Max is the Brown-Egg Champion!

he Hy-Line Brown Max dominates the 20th CZECH CAGE-FREE PRODUCTION TEST in overall productivity and lowest in floor eggs! The Brown Max led all competitors to 70 weeks of age demonstrating an advantage in….

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