Iowa State University Animal Industry Report 2013

A compilation of the reports from the Department of Animal Science at Iowa State University published in its 2013 'Animal Industry Report'.
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By: Banrie

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AS-Leaflet-R2802 Ammonia Concentrations and Emissions of Aviary Hen Houses - Yang Zhao, Hongwei Xin

AS-Leaflet-R2803 Roof Insulation in Laying-hen Houses to Ease Summer Heat - Yang Zhao, Hongwei Xin

AS-Leaflet-R2804 Evaluation of Energy Values of Various Oil Sources when Fed to Broiler Chicks - G. Raj Murugesan, Brian J. Kerr, Michael E. Persia

AS-Leaflet-R2805 New Model for Examining the Energy Metabolism of Laying Hens - G. Raj Murugesan, Michael E. Persia

AS-Leaflet-R2806 The Effect of Chick Methionine Status on Broiler Performance and Physiological Response to Acute and Chronic Heat Stress - Kevin J. Bolek, Michael E. Persia

AS-Leaflet-R2807 Application of Genomic Selection Using an Evenly Spaced Low-density Marker Panel in Broiler Chickens - Chunkao Wang, David Habier, Anna Wolc, Dorian J. Garrick, Rohan L. Fernando, Susan J. Lamont, Jack C.M. Dekkers, Andreas Kranis; Kellie A. Watson

Animal Health

AS Leaflet-R2750 Immunization for Influenza A Virus by Intranasal Administration of Alphavirus Replicon Particles - Qi Chen, Ryan Vander Veen, Darin Madson, D.L. (Hank) Harris

Animal Products

AS Leaflet-R2756 Consumer Acceptance of Fresh Meat Packaging with Carbon Monoxide - Carola Grebitus, Helen Jensen, Jutta Roosen, Joseph Sebranek

AS Leaflet-R2757 Nitrite Reaction Rates with Substrates for Meat Curing in a Model System - Gary Sullivan, Joseph Sebranek

AS Leaflet-R2758 Use of Natural Antimicrobials for Inhibition of Listeria monocytogenes on Naturally-Cured Frankfurters - Yuan Xi, Gary Sullivan, Joseph Sebranek

AS Leaflet-R2759 Controlling Listeria monocytogenes, Campylobactor jejuni, Salmonella enterica Typhimurium and Escherichia coli O157:H7 in Meat Products by Irradiation Combined with Modified Atmosphere Packaging - Li Kudra, Joseph Sebranek, distinguished James Dickson, Aubrey Mendonca, Armitra Jackson-Davis, Qijing Zhang, Kenneth Prusa, Zheng Lu

AS Leaflet-R2760 High Hydrostatic Pressure Processing for Improving the Control of Listeria monocytogenes on Ready-to-Eat (RTE) Sliced Ham with Variable Nitrite Concentrations - Kevin Myers, Jerry Cannon, Damian Montoya, James Dickson, Steven Lonergan, Joseph Sebranek

AS Leaflet-R2761 Effects of Diet, Packaging and Irradiation on Protein Oxidation, Lipid Oxidation of Raw Broiler Thigh Meat - Shan Xiao, Wan Gang Zhang, Eun Joo Lee, Dong Ahn

AS Leaflet-R2762 Dose-Dependent Changes of Chemical Attributes in Irradiated Sausages - Kichang Nam, Joongho Kwon, Eun Joo Lee, Dong Ahn

AS Leaflet-R2763 Lipid and Protein Oxidation of Chicken Breast Rolls as Affected by Dietary Oxidation Levels and Packaging - Shan Xiao, Wan Gang Zhang, Eun Joo Lee, Dong Ahn

AS Leaflet-R2764 Evaluation of Radiation-induced Compounds in Irradiated Raw or Cooked Chicken Meat during Storage - Joong-Ho Kwon, Kichang Nam, Eun Joo Lee, Dong Ahn

AS Leaflet-R2765 Effect of Garlic, Onion, and their Combination on the Quality and Sensory Characteristics of Irradiated Raw Ground Beef - Han Sul Yang, Eun Joo Lee, Sunhee Moon, Hyun Dong Paik, Dong Ahn

AS Leaflet-R2766 Supplemental Vitamin C Alleviates the Negative Effect of High Sulphur on Meat Quality - Danielle Pogge, Steven Lonergan, Stephanie Hansen

AS Leaflet-R2767 Composition and Quality Characteristics of Pigs Selected for Divergent RFI on High- or Low-Energy Diets - Emily Arkfeld, Emily Benedict, Roger Johnson, Jennifer Young, John Patience, Jack Dekkers, Nicholas Gabler, Steven Lonergan, Elisabeth Huff-Lonergan

January 2013

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