Meat Industry Brings Education Sessions to IPPE

With the American Meat Institute joining forces with US Poultry and Egg Association (USPoultry) and the American Feed Industry Association to stage its meat processing event alongside the poultry exposition, the AMI has also taken the opportunity to stage its traditional education programme alongside the show.
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This year, the International Meat Expo (IME) will offer a simultaneous translation of its education sessions covering pressing food safety issues, a breakdown of the latest regulatory developments, an examination of the impact of a food safety event and the latest information on the global food safety initiative, equivalency issues with Brazil and an update on CODEX.

The programme for the education session on 'Meat and Poultry Processing: A Global Perspective' will discuss the state of the industry looking at the US markets and the impact of grain on costs with Erin Borror from the US Meat Export Federation.

Another session will look at cutting costs through six sigma and lean processing with Christian Perversi from Omaha Steaks and Rodrigo Tarte of John Morrell & Co will give a presentation on processed meat product formulation and reformulation.

Another aspect of the industry that will be examined is the role of the meat industry in energy production.

Food safety issues will also come under the microscope looking at attacking the root cause of E.coli and other STECs with Dr Guy Loneragan and Dr Mindy Brashears from Texas Tech University.

Dr Harshavardhan Thippareddi from University of Nebraska-Lincoln will talk on best practices in combating E.coli at the processing plant, while Dr Scott Hurd from Iowa State University will look at other pathogens in his presentation on combating antibiotic-resistant pathogens including Salmonella strains and other new pathogens.

The education programme will also discuss a collaborative approach to food safety and there will be an update from Dr Rick Roop, senior vice president at Tyson Foods on the global food safety initiative. William James, director of international trade at the American Meat Institute, will discuss equivalency issues looking at the meat industry in Brazil and 'Learning from the Brazilian Example'.

There will be an update on the Codex Alimentarius battle over the use of ractopamine - a beta-agonist growth promoter.

Consumer Trends

Other educational sessions will examine consumer trends and innovative ideas that will challenge the processor's way of thinking about today's consumer.

These sessions will provide the results of new consumer trends research, and take a thoughtful look at the impact the economy has had on meat and poultry purchases, and how to provide consumers with the products and programs that will keep them as long-term repeat customers.

Some of the best new products will be examined by Lynn Dornblaser, Director, CPG Insight, Mintel Research Consultancy and Sherry Frey, Vice President of Nielsen Perishables Group (NPG) will discuss consumer-driven product development opportunities.

To help the meat and poultry industry understand and uncover new product development opportunities, the Nielsen Perishables Group will share deeper findings from the consumer decision tree research and new research on how changes in the consumer mind set and the economy are changing food purchase decisions.

To help marketers understand consumers' evolving mind set today, NPG will share the latest consumer food buzz from NM Incite, providing a forward-looking overview of changing consumer interests in the food space.

In addition, new Nielsen DNA of Innovation research will be shared, reviewing eight years of research on winning product launches to help audience understand what characterizes sustained success.

In consumers' eyes, the recession is not over and recent research conducted by WSL/Strategic Retail found that "80 per cent of consumers expect the recession will last three more years."

While consumers are realistic and cautious about spending, retailers and packer/processors cannot ignore other big consumer trends that are impacting consumer attitudes and behaviours, and ultimately impacting sales.

Michael Uetz from Midan Marketing will show how consumers are shifting their purchasing behaviour in the fresh meat department and what cultural and consumer trends are driving these changes.

Market Intelligence Forum

With feed costs, global competition and consumer demands presenting ever changing challenges for the poultry and egg industry, this year's Market Intelligence Forum will see an industry performance analyst, a leading economist and a major food service provider will provide insights on how both domestic and global issues impact the poultry and egg industries.

They will identify challenges facing the industry and discuss how the US and international poultry industries are positioned to move forward in 2013.

Plant Operations and Management

There will also be a series of courses designed to give managers real solutions to critical challenges.

These sessions on commodity inventory risk management and packaging for operational success offer practical takeaways that can be implemented in meat and poultry plants for measurable success.

The workshop will identify the 'pros and cons' associated with various strategies used to manage commodity inventory procurement risk directly with customers and how these strategies can influence lender credit terms and a business' market value.

AFIA International Feed Education Programme will look at EPA & OSHA, the food safety modernisation act and training feed mill managers in the use of web-based tools.

Media Training Programme

A special, five-hour media training programme featuring on-camera practice and critique will also be offered at the International Meat Expo (IME).

The session will be held on Thursday 31 January.

During the session, media relations professionals from the industry will cover important topics including preparation, message development, interview techniques and message management.

Attendees will learn strategies for translating technical information into understandable talking points and how to stay on message even during the most challenging interviews.

Instructors will also deliver practical advice about posture, how to dress for an interview and will detail the many types of interview set-ups that they may be asked to handle, including taped interviews, live in-studio interviews, live remote and panel discussions.

Attendees will break into small groups to collaborate on messages, tape on-camera interviews and receive critiques. The session will conclude as participants try their hand at live, on-stage simulations of popular news shows.

Speakers include American Meat Institute (AMI) Public Affairs Committee Chairman Dennis Pittman, director of corporate communication at Smithfield Foods; Michael Martin, director of media relations at Cargill, Inc.; Janet Riley, senior vice president of public affairs and members services at AMI and Eric Mittenthal, vice president of public affairs at AMI. The four speakers have extensive combined experience in print and broadcast media as well as media relations and will deliver practical, real-world advice to participants.

January 2013

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