ORKA’s Wireless Egg Node™ gets stronger in Latin America

Strengthen your bottom line quickly by reducing the number of broken eggs
calendar icon 23 October 2023
clock icon 1 minute read

ORKA’s Wireless Egg Node™ use is growing, especially in Latin America!

Egg conditions in the region are not ideal, but the Wireless Egg Node can improve a poultry operation’s bottom line quickly by reducing the number of broken eggs. ORKA’s customers in that region can see the real benefits!

Wireless Egg Node™ is designed to identify the exact locations of where egg damage is occurring on layer farms and hatching companies all the way through egg grading and packing facilities and transportation systems - essentially from the farm to the grocery store.

Poor eggshell quality can represent a substantial loss to the industry. A myriad of factors, both nutritional and non-nutritional, can influence eggshell quality. While you can’t control all these factors, you can learn how and where breakage is occurring and take immediate corrective action that can reduce future egg losses.

Learn more about the Wireless Egg Node, and how real time measurement of shocks, vibration, rotation, tilting and temperature to your eggs can help strengthen your bottom line.

Sarah Mikesell


Sarah Mikesell grew up on a five-generation family farming operation in Ohio, USA, where her family still farms. She feels extraordinarily lucky to get to do what she loves - write about livestock and crop agriculture. You can find her on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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