Poultry Yearbook

By the USDA's Economic Research Service - These *.xls spreadsheets report major statistical series for the egg and poultry industries from 1960 through 2004.
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USDA Economic Research Service


The spreadsheets are grouped into four major sections: eggs, broilers (young chickens), other chicken (mature or nonbroiler chickens), and turkeys. Within each section, the data are divided into indicators of production, supply and disappearance, and prices and costs.

Each section, except other chicken, contains statistical series describing production capacity such as flock size and chick or poult placements; supply and disappearance tables contain estimates of production, exports, shipments, consumption, and other uses; and prices and costs tables contain estimates of prices paid and received, and costs of production. The section on other chicken does not include any series that would forecast production levels. The indicators that could be used for forecasting production can be found in the egg and broiler sections.

The data reported here are compiled by ERS analysts from various U.S. Government agencies, including Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) and National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).

These statistical series may appear to be continuous throughout the stated time period, but the limitations of each series should be recognized before being used in econometric or other statistical models. For instance, some series may have been collected by different agencies using different methodologies during the time period indicated.

As an example, the retail values are a combination of estimates collected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, and the Economic Research Service, USDA. The composite retail price for broilers is based on varying weights for various poultry parts over time so it may not be appropriate for demand estimation. Also, states covered by some regional quotes change over the stated time period.

Earlier data (before 1960) can be found in Poultry and Egg Statistics through Mid-1961 (SB-305) and Egg and Poultry Statistics through Mid-1972 (SB-525), published by the Economic Research Service, USDA.

Eggs: Indicators of Production, Supply, and Disappearance

Broilers: Indicators of Production, Supply, and Disappearance
Broilers: Prices and Costs
Other chicken: Indicators of Production, Supply, and Disappearance
Other chicken: Prices Turkeys: Indicators of Production, Supply, and Disappearance
Turkey: Prices and Costs
Poultry: Production, Supply, and Utilization
Poultry: Prices
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