Russian Federation Poultry and Products Semi-Annual Overview - March 2007

By the USDA, Foreign Agricultural Service - This article provides the poultry industry data from the USDA FAS Poultry and Products Semi-Annual 2007 report for Russia. A link to the full report is also provided. The full report includes all the tabular data which we have ommited from this article.
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Report Highlights

Poultry imports increased to $921 million in 2006 from $847 million in 2005 due to higher import prices. Domestic poultry production increased 18.4 percent from 2005 production levels. Russia drafted a new special technical requirement regarding quality and the safety of poultry meat products.

Executive Summary

An avian influenza outbreak was confirmed in several areas of the Russian Federation. Poultry imports increased to $921 million in 2006 from $847.2 million in 2005 due to higher import prices. The Russian Poultry Union expects that the market share of imported poultry will decrease from 46 percent today to 25 percent by 2012.

Poultry production increased 180,000 metric tons (MT), or by 18.4 percent over 2005. The proportion of poultry meat to total meat production increased from 18 percent in 1990 to 30 percent in 2006, mostly due to a reduction in beef consumption.

Russia drafted a new technical regulation, “Requirements for the safety of meat products, products of its processing and processes of its production.” As a result, defrosted poultry meat will be not allowed in the production of semi-ready products.


Broiler production, the most dynamic agricultural sector, is expected to increase 10 percent in 2007. The poultry sector has regained and surpassed pre-1990 production levels, with efficient western-style production facilities boosting production levels and current production exceeding 1990 levels by roughly 3 percent. Poultry production increased by 180,000 metric tons in 2006, or 18.4 percent over 2005 figures. Large agricultural enterprises increased poultry production by 8.8 percent, private farmers by 13.1 percent, and private households by 0.5 percent. Investment into the poultry industry increased twelve-fold, or RUR 22.8 billion (US$875 million). Daily weight gain doubled from 22 to 44 grams, feed conversion reached 1.95, and total meat and poultry production increased by 4.6 percent in 2006 over 2005.

Further Information

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March 2007
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