Thinking about solar on your farm?

Nova Advisory Group is working with North American livestock producers on adding solar energy to their operation
calendar icon 19 February 2024
clock icon 3 minute read

Craig Miller, CEO of Nova Advisory Group, spoke to Global Ag Media’s Sarah Mikesell at World Dairy Expo held in Madison, Wisconsin.

“Nova Advisory Group is an independent voice for producers who are considering going solar,” said Miller. “We're a technical consultant group. We do not directly sell equipment. We just function as an agent of owner for the producer.”

Nova Advisory Group understands the complexities of the energy industry and are equipped to navigate the ever-changing landscape, ensuring that projects are executed flawlessly.

“The overall role of a consultant is to always have the needs of the client first, there's a lot of different groups within the project to deconflict,” he explained. “It's important for us to get the vision and the goal of what the farmer wants when they're trying to convert to a new type of renewable energy and then make sure that all the pieces and the parts go along with that plan.”

Process of going solar

“It starts with a preliminary study, and that's a free product that we deliver to the producer,” he said. “It's basically just a year's worth of bills, and some other data that we look at.”

If the consultant is pleased with what the preliminary study shows, Nova will recommend a feasibility study.

“That's another product that is the complete blueprint, like the blueprint to your house,” Miller said. “That's a standalone document.”

If the producers are satisfied with the feasibility study, and everyone is comfortable, they can hire Nova to manage the project or someone else.

“When the project is built, if they want it monitored, we offer that service for the next 15 or so years,” he said.

Available to all producers across species

“The main target audience is someone that's paying enough in expenses where they want to lower that bill,” he said. “The technology and the scope of the project can be intimidating so usually it is producers who have seen enough green energy, and they want to start tapping into it for the environment and the planet.”

Producers are also seeing their electrical bills and their expenses continue to rise.

“They're starting to think that maybe there's a solution out there,” Miller said. “We think the first step is an independent voice to determine that solution.”

How to contact a consultant

“The first step is to reach out to us on our website at,” he stated. “We will find out where the producers are on the planet and who their provider is to answer their questions and then it's sort of 1-2-3 after that.”

Miller said they work primarily in the US and Canada.

Solar energy’s impact for producers

“Solar is basically harnessing free energy so it's going to lower their expenses,” he explained. “They can take that money and apply it to other capital projects or put it back to their own pocket which is what it's about.”

Millar also noted that Nova Advisory Group works on other energy conservation projects, not only solar projects. Another example of other energy conservation is LED lighting where producers can capture energy savings.

“There are other technologies that producers have heard of, and if we have the competency, we will help in that area,” Miller said. “If we don't have the competency, we'll find it, so we provide the full gamut.”

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