Two ways to use GAA

There are two approaches to use GuanAMINO®, Evonik’s Guanidinoacetic acid (GAA) supplement, in animal diets. The first is the supplementation ‘on top’ of the existing diet. To calculate profitability using this method the producer can get the return on investment (ROI) via improved FCR, body weight gain and increased breast meat yield.
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For the effect of GuanAMINO® on FCR, scientific trials show an average improvement in FCR of 4.5 to 8.8 points. Evonik’s own customer field trials show an average of 5.3 points improvement.

With the body weight/breast meat emphasis, Evonik’s customer feed trials average an improvement of 56g body weight gain and a 15g breast meat yield.

The ‘on top’ approach, using 600 mg/kg feed of GAA supplement, costing roughly 1.4 cents per bird, can lead to savings on feed per bird of 1 cent and an extra value on weight per bird of 4 cents. This means even using very conservative figures and average key performance indicators, the profit is 3.6 cents per bird which means a ROI of 3.6.

The second supplementation approach is to optimize the feed via the nutritional matrix of GuanAMINO®. Using this approach, the GAA supplement is included in the diet based on its nutrient value and this reduces the amounts of other high-cost ingredients (e.g. oils) in the diet. Scientific data proves that GAA supplementation can spare at least 50 kcal/kg of feed (at a dosage level of 600 mg/kg feed and an energy sparing value of 83,000 kcal/kg). Typically, oil or other high energy density feeds can be reduced in the diet, leading to an overall feed cost decrease. Independent trial data shows that a sparing potential of up to 100 kcal/kg feed is realistic.

A feed cost simulation based on typical European diets (wheat-corn-SBM) with long-term average prices and GuanAMINO® at 6.0 €/kg shows a potential feed cost saving of 0.86% per €/ton (with GuanAMINO® 50 kcal sparing) and 3.17% (GuanAMINO 100 kcal sparing) across the Starter, Grower and Finisher stages. Evonik can consult on the least-cost formulation with GuanAMINO® and customers can benefit from its analysis to ensure they use the supplement in the most favourable way in their diets.

The industry has made huge strides in broiler development over the past half a century, the appropriate use of GAA can ensure that growth continues.

As GuanAMINO® is a granulated product its handling characteristics are superior to the alternative powdered product form. It is virtually dust free, free flowing, stable in all feed processing stages and shows no caking tendency. Due to that the handling in day-2-day usage is easy and safe.

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