New Hampshire Red - Chicken

calendar icon 18 May 2021
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New Hampshire Red chickens were developed in the USA from Rhode Island Reds. It was developed to produce a bird that is quick to gain its feathers and mature. They are dual purpose birds that have chestnut colored feathers, a single comb, large wattles and red earlobes. The legs are yellow. The hens are good layers and can produce around 280 brown eggs per year, and they even lay well in the winter months.

A good choice for beginner poultry keepers, New Hampshire Reds are easy to handle, placid in temperament and enjoy human contact. They are active foragers and enjoy space to roam, yet they are not a flighty breed. They tolerate colder climates well, although care must be taken to avoid the comb getting frost bite. This breed is quick to mature and the standard males weigh around 3.8 kg and the females 2.9 kg. There are bantam versions available.

Claire Mintus

Contributing writer
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