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Desvac Elec Kit - Ceva

This new generation of backpack sprayer facili-tates the farm vaccination process. It contains an auto-regulated electrical pump to have a consis-tent spray distribution pattern and homogeneous droplet size, eliminating the human-factor. Much better ergonomics than its predecessors, makes vaccination a much more comfortable process.

  • Pathologies: Infectious Bronchitis, Newcastle Disease, Coccidiosis, Avian Metapneumovirus, E. Coli
  • Ceva Vaccines: Cevac iBird, Cevac Vitapest L, Cevac Vitabron L,

Key Features and Benefits

  • Homogeneous distribution
  • Constant droplet size
  • Ergonomic design
  • Range of 115 – 240 microns


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