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The WORLD LEADER in IMMUNE COMPLEX and VECTOR vaccine technology

CEVAC® TRANSMUNE IBD: Immune complex technology against IBD.

Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD) has been a long standing challenge in the field. Producers needed a vaccine that worked in the presence of a relatively high level of maternal antibodies. In response, CEVA developed CEVAC® Transmune IBD, a unique vaccine utilizing upgraded immune complex technology that eliminated the difficulties of vaccinating for IBD by overcoming the challenge of when to vaccinate and the problem of non-uniform administration in the chicken house.  It also made it possible to provide lifetime protection against all forms of IBD with a single dose administered via in ovo (in the egg) or subcutaneous injection.

VECTORMUNE®: The broadest range of disease protection in a vector vaccine line.

Today, CEVA offers the broadest range of disease protection with vector vaccines in the world including Vectormune® FP poultry vaccines using the fowl poxvirus as a vector, and Vectormune® HVT which uses the turkey herpes virus as the vector.

Vectormune® vaccines have been proven highly effective in billions of birds around the world providing protection against the broadest combination of avian diseases. They provide advanced protection against disease through:
  • No loss of production: Virtually no chance of the host becoming ill from the agent.
  • Less vaccination: Vectormune® vaccines induce a long-lasting response so there is generally no need for revaccination in the field which reduces labour cost.
  • No viral shedding: The novel technology utilized in Vectormune® vaccines eliminates the risk of seeding the environment with viral agents that could lead to uncontrolled infection in the house.
  • Improved safety: By providing protection without rolling reactions or shedding, Vectormune® vaccines help promote poultry health by reducing the number of agents the flock "sees" throughout the production process.

Vectored Vaccines:

Making available the largest range of vectored vaccines based on FP or HVT vector, with its lines of VECTORMUNE® FP and VECTORMUNE® HVT.

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Live Vaccines:

With a large number of carefully selected live attenuated strains for IBD, ND, IB, CAV, Salmonella and Mycoplasma control.

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Killed Vaccines:

With a complete range of inactivated oily or aluminium hydroxide adjuvated vaccines against IBD (Classical or Variant), ND, Avian Influenza, IB, EDS, Reovirus, Salmonella, Coryza or Pasteurella in chicken.

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