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Nobilis MS Live - Keeping first class eggs flying high.
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Nobilis® MS live -
for the prevention of MS

A new vaccine for the prevention of Mycoplasma Synoviae (MS), that will help ensure that performance and quality are maintained.

MS is a Global challenge and outbreaks have been seen around the world since the 1960’s - now a new live attenuated vaccine is available offering easy storage and simple application - helping to improve performance and quality throughout the flock.


  • Nobilis® MS Live is a live attenuated MS vaccine based on the MS1 strain

  • MS1 strain is a spontaneous attenuation of the pathogenic field isolate WVU 1853

  • The original strain has been isolated from the hock joint of a chicken

  • Nobilis® MS Live is a freeze-dried vaccine containing at least ≥ 106.5 and ≤ 108.0 CFU per dose of live attenuated M. Synoviae strain MS1


  • Freeze dried vaccine

  • Easy storage and preparation

  • Convenient aerosol application

  • Approved for combined use with Nobilis® MG 6/85. One application provides both MG and MS

  • Reduces use of antibiotics in poultry

  • Approved for use during lay

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