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Intestinal Health Center website offers rich content, dynamic features
Poultry producers stand to reap major rewards despite the challenges they face in coming years, predicted Osler Desouzart, an international consultant on meat production. Looking for the latest information on managing intestinal health in poultry?

Check out the Intestinal Health Center for Poultry ( — a virtual treasure chest of online information assembled by the editors of Intestinal Health magazine and Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health.

Over the years, Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health has presented and published a wealth of practical, science-driven information and ideas to help producers manage costly gut diseases more effectively through vaccination, nutrition, sanitation and prudent drug use.

“The new website lets you find virtually anything you need, quickly and easily, on specific intestinal health topics and products,” says Marcelo Lang, global marketing director for the company’s Poultry Business Unit. “The recent additionof Google Translate also allows visitors to get an approximate translation of the content in virtually any language.”

The website is driven by a vigorous content-management system that automatically searches the library and creates new drop-down menus every time users select a topic or product. For example, clicking on “Necrotic Enteritis” brings users to a page describing the disease and a menu of 38 articles, six technical papers, one brochure, seven slide presentations and six podcasts, as well as 17 items produced in Spanish.

Once users find information that interests them, they can read the document online or click on icons to print or email it. They can also create their own library of “favorites” and sign up to be informed about new information on specific topics.

The website also offers a library of past issues of the company’s Intestinal Health magazine and its predecessor, CocciForum, as well as three newsletters — Broiler Health, Layer Health and Turkey Health. Just click on “News” in the red menu bar for a complete list of publications.

In addition, the website includes an interactive feature called “Gut Reactions,” where visitors can answer a frequently updated survey question related to intestinal health, immediately view survey results and then access links with more information on that topic. There is also a handy product finder to help users locate Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health intestinal health products available in their market.

“The Intestinal Health Center for Poultry is another example of Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health’s commitment to educating the industry about this increasingly important segment of poultry health,” Lang says. “We look forward to getting feedback on the site so that we can make it even better.”

When an article or subject page is displayed online, Intestinal Health magazine’s website automatically creates a menu (green bar) showing additional resources for more information. In this example, the website found 38 news articles related to necrotic enteritis, plus six technical articles, seven slide presentations and six podcasts, as well as 17 items produced in Spanish.

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