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Concomitant enteric viruses found in Korean broilers

Co-infection with two different enteric viruses, including what is believed to be the first isolation of group A avian rotavirus in Korea, was found in 8-day-old broilers with a history of growth retardation and high mortality.

At necropsy, the most significant gross lesions were present in the intestines and were characterized by pallor, frothy contents and thinned walls. Using reverse-transcriptase polymerase chain reaction, the investigators identified chicken astrovirus and avian rotavirus, which was classified into group A.

Major bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella were not found, so it was assumed that growth retardation and increased mortality were due to the intestinal lesions, In-Pil MoA, of Chungbuk National University, said during a workshop held at the 2011 World Poultry Veterinary Association Congress. To the investigator’s knowledge, this is the first case of a concomitant infection with chicken astrovirus and group A avian rotavirus in Korea.

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