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ThePoultrySite and Schering-Plough Animal Health present Intestinal Health magazine (formerly CocciForum) , your source for the latest news, trends and strategies for managing coccidiosis, necrotic enteritis and other costly enteric diseases.

Intestinal Health is published in three regional editions, but each edition contains articles that may have global applications. Feel free to browse all editions.

North American Edition North American (English)
European Edition European (English)
Latino América Edicién en espanól Latino América (Espanól)

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Intestinal Health Magazine:

European Edition (#1)
This edition includes a special report on the 2007 Poultry Summit in Capri, where EU poultry executives were urged to scale new heights for value, health and sustainability.

Plus: Italy's Capetta Group shifts to coccidiosis vaccination to avoid residue risks, improve control; Subclinical necrotic enteritis gains ground worldwide; VLA report shows vaccination restores Eimeria sensitivity.

Special Report

Poultry Summit
Though the past 30 years have been full of achievements in the poultry industry, there have also been lots of problems, says Osler Desouzart, a well known global meat industry analyst based in Brazil.
Producers find value, motivation at Poultry Summit
European producers who attended the conference said they found Desouzart's presentations thought provoking and the ensuing small group discussions between producers illuminating.


Without a Trace
When poultry producers Sergio and Luca Capetta decided in 2000 to begin using coccidiosis vaccine in their broiler flocks instead of infeed anticoccidials, they made that decision for number of reasons. But the most overriding one, they will tell you with devilish grins, was to stay out of jail.
Management strategies for preventing NE in broilers
Necrotic enteritis (NE) is the same disease whether it has an acute or subclinical presentation. Measures to prevent NE, therefore, are similar for both forms of the disease, though the specifics may vary depending on the type of broiler production system in place.
Second Wind
Two controlled trials conducted in the United Kingdom have demonstrated that over time, coccidial sensitivity to infeed anticoccidials can be revitalized with the use of a live attenuated coccidiosis vaccine.
Working Undercover
Subclinical necrotic enteritis - a gut disease that often goes unrecognized and prevents broilers from achieving optimal performance - is more common than most producers think and likely to spread worldwide as poultry operations reduce their dependence on infeed antibiotics.


'New Look, New Comitment'
Dr. Paolo Sani says the poultry industry is developing an even greater understanding of nutrition's role in promoting intestinal health.


Poultry specialists flocked to Orlando to get the latest on a new vaccine being tested for necrotic enteritis.


Feeding chestnut-wood extract to chicks could have benefits
Natural extract of chestnut wood (ENC) appears to have a positive influence on chick feeding and decreased total litter nitrogen, report A. Schiavone and colleagues at the University of Turin, Italy.
New nutritional strategies, vaccines will be 'wave of the future' for broilers
Modernized nutritional strategies designed to suit the changing needs of broilers will be the wave of the future in broiler production, predicts Dr. José Ignacio Barragán Professor, University of Valencia, Spain.
Novel additive for control of gut diseases
Aviguard, a unique natural feed or water additive that helps control costly gut diseases such as salmonella and necrotic enteritis, is being distributed by Schering-Plough Animal Health Corporation in selected markets around the world.

Research Watch

Diet, housing system affect cecal salmonella population
Diet and housing type appear to influence the population of cecal salmonella, according to researchers from North Carolina State University.
Dietary lactose reduces lesions from necrotic enteritis in broilers
Including lactose in the diet of broilers might help control the clinical signs of necrotic enteritis, which has been on the rise in countries and commercial companies no longer using antibiotic growth promoters, say investigators.
Impact of new, used litter on Eimeria maxima immunity studied*
Using new or used litter appears to make little difference in the acquisition of immunity to Eimeria maxima among newly hatched chicks, according to a University of Arkansas study.
Modified broiler feed increases selenium, omega 3 fatty acids
Moderate modifications to broiler feed could yield healthier broiler meat, providing the increased content of selenium and omega 3 fatty acids believed to benefit human health, say researchers from Norway.
Risk factors for necrotic enteritis identified
Necrotic enteritis,a growing problem in the poultry industry, is not only linked to coccidiosis and wet litter,it is also associated with the use of ammonia and the presence of plasterboard walls, according to researchers from the University of Liverpool.