US loses market share in Russian poultry

by 5m Editor
22 July 2003, at 12:00am

US loses market share in Russian poultry - US - First quarter exports of broiler chicken meat to Russia have fallen by 35% compared to the first quarter last year.

Russia is the world's largest importer of broiler chicken meat, with US imports accounting for just over half of their total broiler meat imports.

The US lost significant market share to Brazil, China and the EU during the first quarter of 2003, due to a temporary ban imposed on US imports on health grounds.

While this access dispute seems to have been settled, Russia has recently imposed tariff rate quotas on meat imports, including poultry meat imports.

Lower exports to Russia could limit the expected fall in the supply of broiler meat on the US domestic market.

Record poultry meat supplies last year were a significant factor depressing US beef prices and demand for beef imports. However, US broiler production is expected to fall 1% this year, and stocks are well down.

Source: Meat and Livestock Australia - 22nd July 2003

5m Editor