Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza in China

CHINA - This is a Follow-up report (No. 2) via OIE on the recent outbreak of Avian Influenza in China.
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Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza in China - CHINA - This is a Follow-up report (No. 2) via OIE on the recent outbreak of Avian Influenza in China.

See also: 13 February 2004, 6 February 2004

Information received on 19 February 2004 from Dr Shen Zhenzhao, Director General, Bureau of Animal Husbandry and Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Beijing:

End of previous report period: 10 February 2004 (see Disease Information, 17 [7], 42, dated 13 February 2004).

End of this report period: 19 February 2004.

On 19 February 2003, the National Avian Influenza Reference Laboratory confirmed that the poultry deaths at the locations mentioned in Table 1 were not caused by the avian influenza virus.

Table 1.- Suspected outbreaks invalidated

Gansu Province Xigu district, Lanzhou city
Anning district, Lanzhou city
Jingyuan county

To date, there have been a total of 49 outbreaks in 16 provinces (autonomous regions or municipalities), of which 46 (see Table 3) have been confirmed by the National Avian Influenza Reference Laboratory as subtype H5N1-caused highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI), the other 3 (see Table 2) being suspected HPAI.

The cumulated number of diseased birds is 144,800, of which 127,900 have died.

Control measures during reporting period:

In accordance with the Law on Animal Epidemic Prevention, the local governments in the above-mentioned places:

- have sealed off the infected areas;

- have culled all the poultry within a 3-km radius around the foci of infection, and

- have imposed compulsory vaccination on the poultry within a 5-km radius around the foci of infection.

Up to now, 7,961,400 poultry have been culled.

Up to now, 10,211,800 poultry have been compulsorily vaccinated.

At present, the disease in the places mentioned below is under control.

Table 2.- Suspected outbreaks

Yunnan Province Anning city
Songming county
Shaanxi Province Huayin city

Table 3.- Outbreaks confirmed by the National Avian Influenza Reference Laboratory

Anhui Province Yushan district, Maanshan city
Guangde county
Yingzhou district, Fuyang city
Jieshou city
Gansu Province Gaolan county
Guangdong Province Chaoan county
Haifeng county
Luoding city*
Jiedong county*
Doumen district, Zhuhai city*
Maogang district, Maomin city*
Jiangcheng district, Yangjiang city*
Shenzhen city*
Nanxiong city*
Guangxi Autonomous Region Longan county
Xingning district, Nanning city*
Henan Province Pingyu county
Hubei Province Wuxue county
Ezhou city
Yichang city
Xiangfan city
Macheng city*
Honghu city*
Gongan county*
Songzi city*
Yangxin county*
Huangmei county*
Hunan Province Wugang county
Pingjiang county
Shaodong county*
Heshan district, Yiyang city*
Suxian district, Chenzhou city*
Jiangxi Province Qingyunpu district, Nanchang city
Dongxiang county
Guixi city
Shaanxi Province Changan district, Xi’an city
Xinjiang Autonomous Region 12th Agriculture Division under the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps
Yunnan Province Chenggong county
Guandu district, Kunming city
Xishan district, Kunming city*
Shilin county*
Zhejaing Province Yongkang city
Shanghai Nanhui district*
Tianjin Jinnan district*
Tibet Yaowangshan Live Poultry Wholesale Market, Lhasa*
Jilin Province Zhenlai county, Baicheng city*

* New outbreaks confirmed during the present reporting period

Source: Office International des Epizooties - 20th February 2004
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