So many now are eager to talk turkey - or even guinea fowl

by 5m Editor
1 February 2005, at 12:00am

UK - SO, have you finished eating that turkey yet? Most people I've asked have confessed to having a couple of curries or a casserole still lurking in the bottom drawer of the freezer, and we're no exception. When we started rearing our bronze turkey poults last summer, we had no idea what the average final weight would be, but we knew they'd grow a lot slower than the bog-standard white ones we'd kept the previous year. We ended up with quite a few in the 14lb-18lb range, and just three whoppers at the top end of the scale, coming in at 21lb, 24lb and 28lb. Luckily, we had already warned friends and relatives early on that it was all a bit of an experiment, and that they were likely to end up with a bigger bird than they needed, but everyone seemed to go away happy.

5m Editor