The Hispanic market as turkey's next frontier

by 5m Editor
10 February 2005, at 12:00am

CALIFORNIA - With a population of 43.5 million and $630 billion in annual spending power, the Hispanic market in the United States cannot be ignored, said Ozzie Godinez of Chicago-based Hispanic-focused marketing communications firm The San Jose Group. As part of the 2005 National Turkey Federation annual convention here, Godinez gave a presentation analyzing Hispanic consumers and, more specifically, the opportunities they may offer the turkey industry. The U.S. Hispanic market is diverse, made up of a multitude of individual subgroups from different countries and regions each with their own cultural nuances. There are some common denominators among all Hispanics, however. For example, most tend to have a preference for the Spanish language. Most place a premium on personalized service rather than quick efficiency when they shop, and most focus on family and seeking the best for them — namely, prestige product brands. That surprises a lot of people, Godinez said. But our research has shown again and again that it's true. Source: MeatingPlace

5m Editor