Newcastle Disease in Greece

by 5m Editor
13 June 2005, at 12:00am

GREECE - This is a Follow-up report (No. 2) via OIE on the Newcastle Disease in Greece.

Newcastle Disease in Greece - GREECE - This is a Follow-up report (No. 2) via OIE on the Newcastle Disease in Greece.

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Information received on 9 June 2005 from Dr Vasilios Stylas, Head, Animal Health Directorate, Ministry of Agriculture, Athens:

End of previous report period: 25 April 2005 (see Disease Information, 18 [17], 114, dated 29 April 2005).

End of this report period: 9 June 2005.

Date of first confirmation of the event: 5 April 205.

Date of start of the event: 8 March 2005.


Laboratories where diagnosis was madeSpecies examinedDiagnostic tests usedDateResults
Centre of Veterinary Institutions of Thessaloniki - Laboratory of Avian Pathologyavivirus isolation in embryonated fowl eggs26 April 2005positive
haemagglutination test26 April 2005positive
haemagglutination inhibition test26 April 2005positive
VLA Weybridge, United Kingdom (OIE Reference Laboratory for Newcastle disease)aviintracebral pathogenicity index (ICPI) test (1.75)16 May 2005positive

A few other farms exist in the 10-km-radius surveillance zone around the infected farm. Since 8 March 2005, the Veterinary Authority of Kilkis has been conducting an epidemiological survey throughout the prefecture, thus covering an area far greater than the 10-km-radius zone around the infected farm. The survey has found no evidence of Newcastle disease in the area. Strict vaccination measures have been applied to backyard poultry kept in villages throughout the whole of the prefecture.

Source: Office International des Epizooties - 10th June 2005

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