CPA Embarking On Feed Manufacture Guidelines

by 5m Editor
25 July 2005, at 12:00am

THE BAHAMAS - The Caribbean Poultry Association (CPA) has embarked on an initiative to establish standards for the manufacture of poultry feed in CARICOM. This is an important programme for the regional industry, as feed comprises about 60% of production costs. There are several countries in the region with the capability to grow feed raw materials. Guyana is one of those countries as it is a major exporter of rice, a cereal crop with diversified uses. Presently feed ingredients are brought into the region and the feed is manufactured, with requirements ranging from country to country. In The Bahamas, finished feed is imported for poultry growers. Establishing these guidelines is a major undertaking for the region as it pushes the industry closer to self-sufficiency thereby enhancing the region's food security position. In The Bahamas, animal feeds are manufactured on Gladstone Road at the government's Agricultural Centre. These guidelines can assist that entity in improving its output as well as assist in establishing some quality control on that output. Source: The Bahama Journal

5m Editor