Newcastle disease in Great Britain

by 5m Editor
22 July 2005, at 12:00am

GREAT BRITAIN - This is the latest report from OIE on the outbreak of Newcastle Disease in Great Britain.

Newcastle disease in Great Britain - GREAT BRITAIN - This is the latest report from OIE on the outbreak of Newcastle Disease in Great Britain.

(Date of previous outbreak of Newcastle disease in Great Britain reported to the OIE: April 1997).

Immediate notification report

Information received on 16 July 2005 from Dr Debby Reynolds, Director General for Animal Health and Welfare, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), London:

Report date: 15 July 2005.

Reason for immediate notification: re-occurrence of a listed disease or infection in a country or zone/compartment following a report declaring the outbreak(s) ended.

Precise identification of agent: avian paramyxovirus serotype 1 lineage 5B.

Date of first confirmation of the event: 12 July 2005.

Nature of diagnosis: clinical and laboratory.

Details of outbreak:

First administrative divisionLower administrative divisionType of epidemio-logical unitName of the locationLatitudeLongitude
SurreyWest HorsleyfarmWest Horsley51º 16' 26" N0º 28' 56" W
Date of start of the outbreakSpeciesNumber of animals in the outbreak
...aviapprox. 11,000............

Description of affected population: semi-wild pheasants reared for shooting.


Laboratory where diagnosis was madeDiagnostic tests usedDateResults
VLA Weybridgehaemagglutination inhibition test12 July 2005positive
virus isolation14 July 2005positive
molecular sequencing15 July 2005virulent sequence

Source of outbreak or origin of infection: unknown or inconclusive.

Control measures:

- stamping out;

- movement control inside the country;

- screening;

- zoning;

- prophylactic vaccination of poultry undertaken routinely.

Source: Office International des Epizooties - 22nd July 2005

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