Chicken ranks as country's most popular meat

by 5m Editor
15 August 2005, at 12:00am

US - Americans will purchase 26 billion pounds of chicken in 2005 - 87 pounds for each man, woman and child - making chicken by far the country's most popular meat. And as the poultry industry marks the seventeenth consecutive September as National Chicken Month, new survey statistics confirm that we're eating more chicken than ever, both at home and in restaurants. In-Home Dining Despite the surge in restaurant dining and the continued squeeze many people feel on their time, most of the chicken that Americans eat is still cooked and eaten in the home. Fifty-eight percent of chicken sold in this country is purchased at grocery stores, club stores and other retail outlets at which people buy food for home cooking and eating. The average family of four will put more than two hundred pounds of chicken in the grocery cart in 2005, a number that has increased steadily in recent years. This compares to 1990, when a family of four purchased about 145 pounds of chicken each year at the grocery store, and 2001, when the amount was 180 pounds. Away-from-Home Dining About half of all total food dollars today are spent outside of the home, ranging from fast food establishments, school and business cafeterias and other institutions, to the finest white-tablecloth restaurants. What are Americans eating when dining out? More than ever, some sort of chicken dish. Source: Examiner-Enterprise

5m Editor