Foreign meat crawling with bacteria

by 5m Editor
9 August 2005, at 12:00am

DENMARK - Nine out of ten Danes infected with multi-resistant bacteria got it from foreign meat, imported in increasing amounts. It could cost lives, scientists warn. Danish researchers are voicing their concern that imported chicken, pork, and beef contains much more dangerous bacteria than Danish meat. Studies by the Danish Institute for Food and Veterinary Research (DFVF) have found that meat products from foreign countries contained an alarming amount of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, presenting a health risk to consumers, daily newspaper Politiken reported on Tuesday. The institute's researchers said bacteria levels could be up to seven times more resistant to antibiotics than those found in Danish meat products. They feared that the nation's increasing consumption of foreign meat products could lead to an increase in complicated infections. Fifty percent of chicken consumed by Danes stem from abroad. DFVF said they expected the share of foreign meat to increase to two-thirds of the national comsumption. Source: The Copenhagen Post

5m Editor