Company addresses meat waste disposal problem

by 5m Editor
7 September 2005, at 12:00am

UK - With the EU due to crackdown on the disposal of food waste, one UK company says it has developed a cheaper solution to getting rid of the problem. From January 2006, the all UK food catering, manufacturing and retail food companies must treat before disposal any waste, including dairy products, that contain or has been in contact with raw meat. The EU-wide animal by-products directive went into force for all other EU members at the start of this year, but the UK received a concession allowing its industry to continue the practice until 1 January 2006. About 80 per cent of companies surveyed in Yorkshire and Humberside do not recycle their food waste and, of those who do, fewer than three per cent use innovative techniques in disposal processing, according to the Yorkshire Forward Centres of Industrial Collaboration (CICs). Source: Food Production Daily

5m Editor