Poultry industry is set for growth

by 5m Editor
9 September 2005, at 12:00am

UK - Despite intense global competition the European poultry scene is set to grow at 2% per year a major conference has been told this week. The biennial Northern Ireland Poultry Industry conference attracted specialists from all over Europe to Loughry Campus. Jim McAdam, breeding programme director Aviagen, the world's leading poultry breeder said world broiler meat production had increased in the past 25 years from under 20 million tonnes to around 60 million tonnes today. "Last year the European Union, a relatively mature market, accounted for around 12% of global production with the UK producing about 15% of this. "The UK industry directly employs almost 60,000 people, with probably twice that in ancillary employment," he said. Source: Belfast Telegraph

5m Editor