U.S. grain producers explore export opportunities in North Africa

by 5m Editor
5 September 2005, at 12:00am

WASHINGTON - Paul Taylor of Sycamore, Ill., saw the potential for growth in the U.S. grains market in Morocco and Egypt during a recent visit as part of the U.S. Grains Council’s Grain Export Market Mission. The seven-member team visited livestock operations, feedlots, feed mills and grain inspection facilities to assess the export opportunities for U.S. corn, sorghum and barley to Morocco and Egypt. In addition, the team examined the council’s programs in the region and learned about the increased demand for corn co-products, such as corn gluten meal and corn gluten feed in both Egypt and Morocco. While in Morocco, team members visited the headquarters of the Moroccan National Poultry Federation, broiler and layer poultry operations, feed mills and dairy operations. The team found that half of Morocco’s population is under age 30 and poultry consumption is only moderate, a promising sign that demand for feed grain will grow as poultry consumption rises. Source: AgriNews

5m Editor