US Poultry Prices Increase in Russia After Katrina

by 5m Editor
13 September 2005, at 12:00am

US - Chicken from the United States is the most-consumed type of flesh protein in Russia, and rapidly rising prices for U.S. product in the wake of Hurricane Katrina have Russian poultry importers and consumers concerned. Prices rose 18 percent in the last week alone, according to Kommersant, Russia's daily online news service. U.S.-sourced poultry accounts for 74 percent of all poultry imported into Russia. The hurricane slammed into a region of the U.S., Mississippi and Louisiana, that ranks among the largest poultry-production areas in the country. Tyson Foods, a major poultry exporter to Russia, sources approximately 10 percent of its poultry from Mississippi alone, and last week the company announced it would relocate its export shipments from the Port of New Orleans, which was damaged by the ferocious storm, to other East Coast ports. Several tons of Tyson product that had been destined for Russia and was stored in New Orleans facilities were ruined, officials of the company reported last week. Source: Wisconsin Ag Connection

5m Editor